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Created July 17, 2020 10:57
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public class RabbitMqTriggerBindingProvider : ITriggerBindingProvider
private readonly ILogger _logger;
public RabbitMqTriggerBindingProvider(ILogger logger)
_logger = logger;
public Task<ITriggerBinding> TryCreateAsync(TriggerBindingProviderContext context)
var parameter = context.Parameter;
var attribute = parameter.GetCustomAttribute<RabbitMqTriggerAttribute>(false);
if (attribute == null) return Task.FromResult<ITriggerBinding>(null);
if (parameter.ParameterType != typeof(BasicDeliverEventArgs)) throw new InvalidOperationException("Invalid parameter type");
var triggerBinding = new RabbitMqTriggerBinding(parameter, _logger);
return Task.FromResult<ITriggerBinding>(triggerBinding);
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