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NineSlice error
x1 SharedXML\NineSlice.lua:70: Attempt to access forbidden object from code tainted by an AddOn
Stack: [C] in function 'CreateTexture'
SharedXML\NineSlice.lua:70: in function <SharedXML\NineSlice.lua:62>
SharedXML\NineSlice.lua:150: in function 'ApplyNineSliceLayout'
SharedXML\PanelThemes.lua:118: in function <SharedXML\PanelThemes.lua:115>
Time: 2018/12/12 11:05:15 Index: 1/1
RealUI Version: 2.0.6
(*temporary) = <unnamed> {
0 = <userdata>
OnLoad = <function> defined @SharedXML\PanelThemes.lua:115
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