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Last active December 18, 2015 17:49
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A simple shell script that builds a fake .deb of jockey-common
#inspired by kochd's script <>
# installs equivs which is used to generate fake packages
sudo apt-get install equivs
# creates a file called 'tmp'
> tmp
# appends package info to tmp
echo "
Package: jockey-common
Priority: optional
Section: admin
Installed-Size: 728
Maintainer: Martin Pitt <>
Architecture: all
Source: jockey
Version: 0.9.7-0ubuntu7
Depends: bash,
Description: user interface and desktop integration for driver management
Jockey provides a user interface for configuring third-party drivers,
such as the Nvidia and ATI fglrx and various Wireless LAN
kernel modules.
This package contains the common data shared between the frontends.
Python-Version: 2.7
" >> tmp
# builds fake package
equivs-build tmp
# installs fake package
sudo dpkg -i jockey-common_0.9.7-0ubuntu7_all.deb
rm tmp jockey-common_0.9.7-0ubuntu7_all.deb
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ghost commented Jul 13, 2013

This script does not work. Multi-line description causes an error when it is processed by equivs-build. I changed to comment to be single-line and it helped.

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it does work. click on "raw" link to copy text.

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