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@Gimly Gimly/Git-Import-SVN.ps1
Last active Jul 23, 2019

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Import a SVN repository into a Git repository, complete with branches and tags. Script inspired by the method described by StackOverflow answer
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git svn clone --stdlayout --no-metadata -A users.txt $SvnFolderPath "$TargetFolder-tmp"
cd "$TargetFolder-tmp"
$remoteBranches = git branch -r
foreach($remoteBranch in $remoteBranches)
$remoteBranch = $remoteBranch.Trim()
$tagName = $remoteBranch.Substring(5)
git checkout -b "tag-$tagName" $remoteBranch
git checkout master
git tag $tagName "tag-$tagName"
git branch -D "tag-$tagName"
elseif($remoteBranch -notlike "trunk")
git checkout -b $remoteBranch $remoteBranch
cd ..
git clone "$TargetFolder-tmp" $TargetFolder
rm -Recurse -Force "$TargetFolder-tmp"
cd $TargetFolder
$remoteBranches = git branch -r
foreach($remoteBranch in $remoteBranches)
$remoteBranch = $remoteBranch.Trim()
if($remoteBranch -notcontains "HEAD" -and $remoteBranch -notcontains "master")
$branchName = $remoteBranch.Substring(7)
git checkout -b $branchName $remoteBranch
git checkout master
git remote rm origin
git remote add origin $GitUrl
git push --all

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commented Sep 5, 2017

This is way easier than, which is what I was trying to follow before.

I did have to remove --stdlayout from line 10 to deal with Subversion repos that weren't setup with the standard trunk/branches/tags structure. I was otherwise getting an error about the Git repository being empty.

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