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They say you are what you eat, but I don’t remember eating a legend

Giovanny Gongora Gioyik

They say you are what you eat, but I don’t remember eating a legend
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Gioyik / trello-user-token
Created Sep 3, 2018
Open this on your browser to get a user token with expiration = never and scope = read,write
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View cracklepop.js
Write a program that prints out the numbers 1 to 100 (inclusive). If the number is
divisible by 3, print Crackle instead of the number. If it's divisible by 5, print Pop. If
it's divisible by both 3 and 5, print CracklePop. You can use any language.
for (var i=1; i<=100; i++) {
var a = !(i % 15) ? 'CracklePop' :
!(i % 3) ? 'Crackle' :
!(i % 5) ? 'Pop' :
Gioyik /
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Ejercicio de parcial
echo "Se van a listar los archivos"
sleep 5
sleep 2
echo "Digite el nombre del primer archivo a comprar: "
read archivo1
[ -f $achivo1 ] && echo "El archivo existe" || echo "El archivo no existe" && exit
sleep 2
echo "Digite el nombre del segundo archivo a comprar: "
read archivo2
Gioyik /
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Shell example
function creat_dir() {
echo "Ruta y nombre del directorio (la ruta es opcional): "
read directorio
mkdir -p $directorio
echo "Directorio creado exitosamente!"
sleep 2
function mov_dir() {
Gioyik /
Created Apr 19, 2015
Clone varios repos with one script
Gioyik /
Created Mar 5, 2015
Script to auto publish npm packages
#!/usr/bin/env perl
use v5.14;
use warnings;
use Path::Class;
my ($ma, $mi, $ri) = file('package.json')->slurp =~ m/"version": "(\d+)\.(\d+)\.(\d+)"/;
say "Current version: $ma.$mi.$ri";
Gioyik /
Created Feb 19, 2015
A try to make a bomber mail
import os
import smtplib
import getpass
import sys
server = raw_input ('server: ')
user = raw_input('username: ')
Gioyik /
Created Jan 31, 2015
Get Macros from your compiler
#!/usr/bin/env python
# imports you need or a kitty will die
# if you don't use them :(
import os
import shlex
import subprocess
import sys
# remplace with the compiler you want to see
Gioyik / type-password.js
Created Nov 24, 2014
Get value from password inputs on a website
View type-password.js
var p = r();
function r() {
var g = 0;
var x = false;
var x = z(document.forms);
g = g + 1;
var w = window.frames;
for (var k = 0; k < w.length; k++) {
var x = ((x) || (z(w[k].document.forms)));
Gioyik /
Last active Oct 20, 2020
Script to cross compile NodeJS for ARMv7
#!/bin/sh -e
#Define our target device
export TARGET_ARCH="-march=armv7-a"
export TARGET_TUNE="-mtune=cortex-a8 -mfpu=neon -mfloat-abi=softfp -mthumb-interwork -mno-thumb"
#Define the cross compilators on your system
export AR="arm-linux-gnueabi-ar"
export CC="arm-linux-gnueabi-gcc"
export CXX="arm-linux-gnueabi-g++"