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Thanks for making and sharing this templater. Unfortunately, this one doesn't work anymore.

Here is the console report:

I used to used a similar templater that I forget where I get it from (maybe from your Github?), below.

const search = app.workspace.getLeavesOfType("search")[0];
const editor = app.workspace.activeLeaf.view.editor;
const getCur = editor.getCursor();
const curLineNum = getCur.line;
const curPos =;
let thisFile = app.workspace.getActiveFile();
let mdCache =;
let mdLinks = mdCache.links;
if (mdLinks) {
    let otherLink;
    let foundLink = mdLinks.find(eachLink => {
        const startPos = eachLink.position.start;
        const endPos = eachLink.position.end;
        if(startPos.line === curLineNum) {
            otherLink = eachLink;
            if(startPos.col <= curPos && endPos.col >= curPos) {
                return true;
            } else {return false;}
        } else {return false;}
    if(!foundLink){foundLink = otherLink}
    if(foundLink) {
        //SortOrder Options: alphabeticalReverse, alphabetical, byModifiedTime, byModifiedTimeReverse, byCreatedTime, byCreatedTimeReverse
        let myString =;
        myString = myString.replace(/[-[\]{}()+?.,\\^$|#]/g, '\\$&');

I do need your help to fix this templater if you don't mind, since it is so helpful for me to find other files that contain a particular unresolved link. I made tons of unresolved links as opposed to tags. Also, I don't know about coding at all.

Many thanks in advance!

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