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const editor = app.workspace.activeLeaf.view.editor;
if(editor.somethingSelected() === true) {
let selectedText = editor.getSelection();
let splitLines = selectedText.split('\n');
let finalOutput = '';
let listItem = false;
let codeBlock = false;
splitLines.forEach(eachLine => {
let lnOutput = eachLine;
const listMatch = lnOutput.match(/^[ \t]*[\-\*] /);
if(listItem === false) {
if(listMatch) {
listItem = true;
finalOutput = `${finalOutput}<ul>`;
} else {
if(!listMatch) {
listItem = false;
finalOutput = `${finalOutput}</ul>`;
//remove tags
lnOutput = lnOutput.replace(/#[^\s\#]+/g, '');
//replace a [ ] task checkbox
lnOutput = lnOutput.replace(/\[ \]/g, '<span style="background-color: #FFFF00"><strong>ACTION ITEM:</strong></span>');
//Parse out alias from wiki links
lnOutput = lnOutput.replace(/\[\[[^\[\]]+\|([^\[\]]+)\]\]/g, '$1');
//Parse out regular wiki bracket links
lnOutput = lnOutput.replace(/\[\[([^\[\]]+)\]\]/g, '$1');
//Parse out markdown style URLs
lnOutput = lnOutput.replace(/\[([^\[\]]*)\]\(([^ ]+)\)/g, '<a href="$2">$1</a>');
//Bold asterisk
lnOutput = lnOutput.replace(/\*\*([^\*]+)\*\*/g, '<strong>$1</strong>');
//Bold underscore
lnOutput = lnOutput.replace(/\_\_([^\_]+)\_\_/g, '<strong>$1</strong>');
//Italics asterisk
lnOutput = lnOutput.replace(/\*([^\*]+)\*/g, '<em>$1</em>');
//Italics underscore
lnOutput = lnOutput.replace(/\_([^\_]+)\_/g, '<em>$1</em>');
lnOutput = lnOutput.replace(/\=\=([^\=]+)\=\=/g, '<span style="background-color: #FFFF00">$1</span>');
lnOutput = lnOutput.replace(/\~\~([^\~]+)\~\~/g, '<strike>$1</strike>');
//Inline code
let backTickChar = "`";
let regExpStr = `${backTickChar}+([^${backTickChar}]+)${backTickChar}+`;
let regReplace = new RegExp(regExpStr, "g");
lnOutput = lnOutput.replace(regReplace, '<code>$1</code>');
//Full code blocks
if(lnOutput.indexOf("```") > -1) {
let backTickChar = "`";
let regExpStr = `${backTickChar}+[^${backTickChar}]*`;
let regReplace = new RegExp(regExpStr, "g");
if(codeBlock === false) {
codeBlock = true;
lnOutput = lnOutput.replace(regReplace, '<code>');
} else {
codeBlock = false;
lnOutput = lnOutput.replace(regReplace, '</code>');
lnOutput = lnOutput.replace(/^\# (.*)/, '<h1>$1</h1>');
lnOutput = lnOutput.replace(/^\## (.*)/, '<h2>$1</h2>');
lnOutput = lnOutput.replace(/^\### (.*)/, '<h3>$1</h3>');
lnOutput = lnOutput.replace(/^\#### (.*)/, '<h4>$1</h4>');
lnOutput = lnOutput.replace(/^\##### (.*)/, '<h5>$1</h5>');
lnOutput = lnOutput.replace(/^\###### (.*)/, '<h6>$1</h6>');
//Remove extra whitespace
lnOutput = lnOutput.replace(/(\S)[ ]+/g, '$1 ');
//Formatting for paste into tools like Microsoft Word, OneNote, Outlook to match their bullet styles
lnOutput = lnOutput.replace(/^[\-\*] (.*)/, '<li>$1</li>');
lnOutput = lnOutput.replace(/^( |\t)[\-\*] (.*)/, '<ul><li>$2</li></ul>');
lnOutput = lnOutput.replace(/^( |\t\t)[\-\*] (.*)/, '<ul><ul><li>$2</li></ul></ul>');
lnOutput = lnOutput.replace(/^( |\t\t\t)[\-\*] (.*)/, '<ul><ul><ul><li>$2</li></ul></ul></ul>');
lnOutput = lnOutput.replace(/^( |\t\t\t\t)[\-\*] (.*)/, '<ul><ul><ul><ul><li>$2</li></ul></ul></ul></ul>');
lnOutput = lnOutput.replace(/^( |\t\t\t\t\t)[\-\*] (.*)/, '<ul><ul><ul><ul><ul><li>$2</li></ul></ul></ul></ul></ul>');
if(listItem === false) {
finalOutput = `${finalOutput}<br>${lnOutput}`
} else {
finalOutput = `${finalOutput}${lnOutput}`
if(listItem === true) {
finalOutput = `${finalOutput}</ul>`;
let newString = finalOutput.trim();
newString = newString.replace(/\<\/ul\>(\<br\>)+/g, '</ul>');
newString = newString.replace(/\<\/h([123456])\>(\<br\>)+/g, '</h$1>');
//This was keeping the previous clipboard item in the plaintext of the clipboard
//No longer using this as kind of confusing
//const plainText = await navigator.clipboard.readText();
const plainText = newString;
const blobPlain = new Blob([plainText], { type: "text/plain" });
const blobHtml = new Blob([`${newString}`], { type: "text/html" });
let data = [new ClipboardItem({
[blobPlain.type]: blobPlain,
[blobHtml.type]: blobHtml,
await navigator.clipboard.write(data);
new Notice("Copied the cleaned and formatted text to your Clipboard for pasting into Outlook / Word!", 15000);
new Notice("Make sure you do a regular 'Full' paste and NOT paste as plain text!", 15000);
} else {
new Notice("Doing NOTHING because no text was selected!", 15000);
//By doing a return then it will not try to replace the selected text / apply the tR variable
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dcoales commented Feb 13, 2022

Here is the source text

## Heading 

### Sub Heading

This is some text with _Italilcs using underscore_ plus ==Highlighight== plus *italics using asterisks* plus __bold using underscore__ plus **bold using asterisks** 

This is a link to [Google](

- And here are some bullets
	- And a nested bullet followed by a line separator


This renders as shown in the attached screenshot. It looks as though using underscores for bold and italic is the problem. If I use asterisks then it works fine.

With regards to the link - maybe an option to leaving it with the alias format rather than stripping out the part in the round brackets would work ?


In obsidian it appears as


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GitMurf commented Feb 13, 2022

@dcoales please test it now. The following should be implemented:

  • bold using underscores
  • italics using underscores
  • [markdown links](URL) now using HTML style a href element so link should be clickable and with alias still in MS products

Please confirm everything is now working as you hope?

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apoc527 commented Feb 13, 2022

This is amazing! A couple suggestions:

  • Change double-colons (for in-line DV metadata) to single colons
  • If there are headings in a list, try to apply same styling, else, simply delete the #s

This is SOOOO good.


I just added this and it works:

//Remove double colons
        lnOutput = lnOutput.replace(/::/g, ':')

The second bullet suggestion is beyond my skills.

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apoc527 commented Feb 13, 2022

A few more suggestions after using it to draft a client email:

  1. Ordered lists!
  2. Support for block quotes

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dcoales commented Feb 13, 2022

@GitMurf That's perfect for me. Thank you so much for doing this I really appreciate it.

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GitMurf commented Feb 14, 2022

@apoc527 i tried block quotes but Word and Outlook weren’t interpreting the html for it so I didn’t add it.

For the ordered lists do you just mean handle numbered lists?

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apoc527 commented Feb 14, 2022

Yea numbered lists is what I meant. Thanks!

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