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Last active Nov 27, 2020
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Tjorben – Oskar


Metatype Attributes Mag/Res Skills Resources

Personal Details

Name/Alias: Tjorben

Concept: Rigger

Metatype: Dwarf

  • vision: Thermographic
  • toxic resistance: 2
  • lifestyle: 20%
Street Cred Notoriety Public Awareness
0 0 0

Karma left: 2



  • 16 (Prio C)
  • 7 Special (Prio A)
Bod Agi Rea Str Wil Log Int Cha Edg Mag Ess
4 4 4 4 3 4 3 3 5 3 4.65



Physical Mental Social
6 5 4


Karma: -24 (pos) +9 (neg)

Name Category Ref
Gearhead Positive SR5 p74
Juryrigger Positive SR5 p75
Quick Healer Positive SR5 p77
Dependent (Demanding) Negative SR5 p80


Type: Adept

Magic: 2 (Prio D)


Name Points Levels Source Page
Adrenaline Boost .25 2 SR5 309
Combat Sense .5 1 SR5 309
Danger Sense .25 2 SR5 309
Rapid Healing .5 1 SR5 311



(Demolitions upgraded to 2 for 6 Karma)

Name Rating Attribute Spec DP
Longarms 2 4 6
Aeronautics Mechanic 1 4 5
Automotive Mechanic 1 4 5
Cybertechnology 2 4 6
Demolitions 2 4 6
First Aid 2 4 6
Hardware 2 4 6
Medicine 1 4 5
Pilot Ground Craft 2 4 6
Pilot Aircraft 3 4 7
Clubs 1 4 5


Name Category Rating
Local infrastructure (routes/lines/hubs/timetables) Professional (LOG) 3
Black market contacts Street (INT) 2
Parenting Family (WIL) 1
Good local bars & beers Interests (INT) 2


Default: German

Name Rating
Norwegian 3
English 2
Mandarin 1

Street Gear


Name Acc Dam AP Reach/RC Mods Ref
Club 4 (STR+3)P - 1 N/A SR5 p422
Enfield AS-7 4 13P -1 0 Spare Clip; Extended Clip; Gas-Vent 3 System; Gyro Mount; Bayonet; Flashlight, Infrared; Hip Pad Bracing System SR5 p429
Ingram Valiant 5 9P -2 2 Extended Clip SR5 p430
Ingram Valiant 5 9P -2 2 Extended Clip SR5 p430
Ingram Valiant 5 9P -2 2 Extended Clip SR5 p430


Name Rating Ref
Commercial Explosive 1 SR5 p436
Foam Explosive 1 SR5 p436
Plastic Explosive 1 SR5 p436
Detonator Cap N/A SR5 p436


Name Armor Capacity Mods Ref
Full Body Armor 15 undefined/15 N/A SR5 p437
Helmet +2 undefined/6 N/A SR5 p438
Ballistic Shield +6 undefined/6 N/A SR5 p438


Name Rating Ref
Tool Kit N/A SR5 p443
Tool Shop N/A SR5 p443

Communications and Countermeasures

Name Rating Ref
Jammer, Area 2 SR5 p441
Jammer, Directional 2 SR5 p441
Tag Eraser N/A SR5 p441
White Noise Generator 2 SR5 p441


Name Rating Ref
Fake License 2 SR5 p443,
Certified Credstick, Ebony 1 SR5 p442

Vision Devices

Name Rating Ref
Goggles 4 SR5 p443


Name Rating Ref
Sensor Array 2 SR5 p445
Sensor Array 2 SR5 p445


Name Rating Ref
Fake DocWagon Wrist Band N/A SS p173
DocWagon Contract, Basic (1 Year Advance Payment) (Daughter) N/A SR5 p450


Name Rating Ref
Medkit 4 SR5 p450
Slap Patch, Antidote Patch 2 SR5 p451
Slap Patch, Chem Patch N/A SR5 p451
Slap Patch, Stim Patch 2 SR5 p451
Slap Patch, Tranq Patch 2 SR5 p451
Slap Patch, Trauma Patch N/A SR5 p451

Rigger Command Consoles

Name Device Rating Data Processing Firewall Ref
CompuForce TaskMaster 4 5 4 SR5 p266


Name Handling Accel Body Armor Pilot Sensor Mods Ref
Conestoga Trailblazer w/Trailer (Moving Truck) 1/1 1 20 6 2 1 Rigger Interface; Weapon Mount Flexibility (Turret); Weapon Mount Visibility (Concealed); Weapon Mount Type (Heavy); Weapon Mount Control (Remote) SS p186


Name Rating Ref
Low N/A SR5 p369
Medium (Daugther) N/A SR5 p369


Name Agi Str Ess Mods Ref
Obvious Lower Leg 4 4 0.45 N/A SR5 p456


Name Rating Ref
Image Link N/A SR5 p453,
Symbiotes N/A SR5 p459


Name Handling Accel Body Armor Pilot Sensor Mods Ref
Shiawase Kanmushi (Microdrone) 4 1 0 0 3 3 Gecko Tips SR5 p465,
MCT Fly-Spy (Minidrone) 4 2 1 0 3 3 2; Realistic Features SR5 p466,
Cyberspace Designs Dalmatian (Large) 5 3 5 5 3(1) 3 Large Weapon Mount (Drone); Pilot Program (Drone) 1 SR5 p466,
Cyberspace Designs Dalmatian (Large) 5 3 5 5 3(1) 3 Large Weapon Mount (Drone); Pilot Program (Drone) 1 SR5 p466,
Aeroquip M.E.D.-1 'Dustoff' Medical Evacuation Drone (Large) 3 4 4 5 4(1) 3 Dustoff Armored Valkyrie Module; Spotlight (Drone); Pilot Program (Drone) 1 BB p23,
Evo Proletarian (Small) 4/2 1 2 0 2(1) 2 Drone Arm; Pilot Program (Drone) 1 R5 p132

Starting Currency

Nuyen: 1659¥ + 224¥ = 1883¥


Free Contact Karma: CHA x3 = 9 + 2 own Karma = 11

  • Parts dealer (Arms, Bots, etc): (1 connection, 5 loyalty)
  • Smuggler: (3 connection, 2 loyalty)


Tjorben was a family man first and foremost. Grumpy on the outside, soft on the inside and always willing to do everything for his loved ones.

He used to have a job working for a subsidiary of a subsidiary of Saeder-Krupp developing and maintaining some of their infrastructure networks. Ya know, pipes, wires, big trucks and such. But money was always tight, and when his and his wife Sigrid's first child was on its way it slowly became clear that honest work would not continue to cut it much longer. He asked his old friend Olaf from engineering school, who runs a small independent (semi-legal, depending on which back rooms you know) parts shop a bit outside the city center, whether he had any contacts on the black market that Tjorben could sell stolen resources to. This is how Tjorben got to know Cory, a smuggler that would buy almost everything he had, although often at low prices. Cory seemed to always have a buyer for everything, which made him a very useful contact for Tjorben, but also a very shady one. Tjorben didn't trust Cory a lot, but he didn't really have another choice.

2 Months before Laura was born, Tjorben started stealing stuff from his work jobs. Siphoning off some fuel here, pocketing come control chips there, or even stripping a bit of copper when he was alone on a job (which he often was, job partners were canceled 6 years ago as a cost-saving measure). When he noticed that his employer didn't seem to care much about a bit of missing gear from time to time Tjorben got more brazen over the years. He once even managed to 'lose' an entire GridGuide control unit and got off with a harsh word and only one month of cut pay (which was less than those are worth). Mostly it was still raw resources like oil and gas from taps he installed on pipelines, wiring and vehicle parts. The latter he could often gladly sell to Olaf instead of Cory, which usually was a safer bet. Never did they feel bad for stealing. It was a big company, and, in the past they hadn't been great towards him. When he lost his right lower leg in a work accident they refused to pay even a little for the new prosthesis that he then had to pay off for 4 years. Over the first years of Laura's life they managed to stay afloat and even put some money away for emergencies since they still lived with fairly low standards.

Tjorben knew this couldn't go on forever. At least Sigrid told him so sometimes when Laura wasn't around, but hey both acknowledged that going back to legitimate work was not an option for the long term either since Sigrid's new job as a software developer for Horizon wasn't particularly lucrative either. If a meeting with Cory or a dangerous job came up ahead, they sometimes talked about what might happen if Tjorben got caught in the act or, worse, into an ambush or similar when doing his deals. But they never had a good solution.

When the day finally came, it was not as they had predicted so often. Tjorben was driving home after having picked up Laura, now 9 years old, from the community school. GridGuide was about to turn into the street their apartment tower was on, he saw loads of Lone Star patrol cars in front of the building and quickly decided to tell GridGuide to drive to Olaf. He checked his commlink and saw Sigrid shown as offline, which she never was. It was very clear they would not be returning to their family today, and not anytime soon either. Before arriving at Olaf's workshop Tjorben threw out his and Laura's commlinks and, as soon as he arrived, started dismantling the GridGuide off his car. If there was any way for them to stay together, it was going to be off the grid.

The next few days Tjorben was thankful to be able to let Laura stay at Olaf's shop while he drove around preparing his next steps. For now he still had some resources, but the perspective was grim. Olaf had told him of the Shadowrunners once, highly skilled outlaws making good money by doing whatever they're asked to. It sounded appealing, although more to his keen mind than his aging bones. How could he, as a father, dare to put himself, or worse, Laura into even more danger than they already were in? After a lot of thinking and consultation with Olaf it started to seem like a viable option. Tjorben would probably never be able to be a front line fighter, but if he found the right group he could probably be able to provide value to them using his many years of engineering skills. The next question was how one even starts to become a Shadowrunner, but with each day of seeing Laura be bored because she couldn't visit school the hesitations grew thinner in Tjorben and he decided to just take the plunge.

Cory was the only contact they had to go off, still shady as ever. But money was on Tjorben's side and with that he got access to some of the hidden black boards on the matrix that are used to find accomplices for heists and such. [ There he found a little hologram that said "Need rigger fit for dangerous missions" and applied. | He posted a small note that basically said "Very experienced rigger looking for diverse crew for off-the-books missions". A couple of hours later he had 6 responses. ]. Their first meeting would be next week and Tjorben still had a lot left to do. He visited Cory again and, this time, asked to buy instead of sell. Cory got him in touch with a dealer of vehicles and parts (Not Olaf so he wouldn't incriminate him too much) that sold him an old 40-Ton moving truck (with trailer!) as well as a bunch of expensive drone parts and.

The next days Tjorben and Laura would spend in Olaf's garage welding and wiring together his equipment arsenal while wondering how his wife would be treated at the moment. He had tried to explain to Laura that her mom was likely fine and just needed to be gone for a while, but she was having none of it. She was smart enough to notice things were very much not like they were supposed to and knew that something more sinister was going on, which Tjorben was very grateful for since it meant she didn't complain a lot. She was happy to learn some new things while in the workshop and would always keep Tjorben's mood up.

Both of them were almost excited when the day came that they were going to meet their new allies and, hopefully, friends for the next couple of months...

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