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Guava rate limiter
private RateLimiter createGuavaRateLimiter() {
double permitsPerSecond = ((double) hourlyLimit) / (60d * 60); // hourlyLimit / seconds-per-hour"Creating rate limiter with {} permits per seconds", permitsPerSecond);
RateLimiter rateLimiter = RateLimiter.create(permitsPerSecond);
// initialize with a full number of permits. Use refleciton, as guava does not expose that functionality
try {
Class<?> limiterClass = Class.forName("");
Field field = ReflectionUtils.findField(limiterClass, "storedPermits");
ReflectionUtils.setField(field, rateLimiter, hourlyLimit);
Field maxField = ReflectionUtils.findField(limiterClass, "maxPermits");
ReflectionUtils.setField(maxField, rateLimiter, hourlyLimit);
Field burstField = ReflectionUtils.findField(Class.forName("$SmoothBursty"), "maxBurstSeconds");
setFinal(burstField, rateLimiter, 10);
} catch (Exception ex) {
throw new RuntimeException(ex);
return rateLimiter;
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