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Pyramid Buffet

Single Game page

  • Name
  • Alternate names
  • Designer
  • Year Published (if finished)
  • Year Development Began (if known, or still in development)


  • Min Players
  • Max Players
  • Best with Players
  • Equipment
  • Equipment per Player
  • Min playing time
  • Max playing time


  • Theme
  • Mechanics
  • Complexity
  • Random Chance
  • Strategy Depth

Links / Media

  • BGG link
  • Official link
  • SuperDuperGames link
  • Exemplary Photos - photogenic game set-up shots (initial, in progress, finished)
  • Exemplary Videos - tutorials, playthroughs


  • Implementation of (non-pyramid game)
  • Variant of (pyramid game) (favour redirect to more substantial original rather than empty stub)


  • Description
  • List of variants

Category: Products featured in Category: Awarded with Category: Nominated for

Navbox: Evolution of Game Family e.g.: Zarcana -> Gnostica -> Zark City Icehouse -> IceTowers Ice Traders -> Homeworlds Volcano -> Caldera -> Fiesta Caldera -> Arcade Volcano(?) etc. Navbox: Games by publisher Navbox: Featured in Product

Should include:

  • Lists of games
    • popular / published
    • playable
    • in development
  • Products
  • History

Should avoid:

  • news
  • opinion
  • being a community hub -- redirect to Looney Labs Fan Club or Starship Captains Facebook group
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