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70% Julia, 30% WoW Classic

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70% Julia, 30% WoW Classic
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View wrap_sundials.jl
# This script is not an active part of the package.
# It uses Clang.jl package to parse Sundials C headers and generate
# Julia wrapper for Sundials API.
# To run the script from Julia console:
# include(joinpath(Pkg.dir("Sundials"), "src", "wrap_sundials.jl"));
using Clang
# `outpath` specifies, where the julian wrappers would be generated.
using CImGui
using CImGui.GLFWBackend
using CImGui.OpenGLBackend
using CImGui.GLFWBackend.GLFW
using CImGui.OpenGLBackend.ModernGL
using AbstractPlotting
using GLMakie
import GLMakie: make_context_current, render_frame, to_native, Screen
View Makefile
# Hello, and welcome to makefile basics.
# You will learn why `make` is so great, and why, despite its "weird" syntax,
# it is actually a highly expressive, efficient, and powerful way to build
# programs.
# Once you're done here, go to
# to learn SOOOO much more.
View julia-cameras-logo.jl
using Luxor
using IterTools
N = 8
scale = 0.6N
Drawing(400, 400, "julia-cameras-logos.png")
dots = ngon(O, 100, 3, pi/6, vertices=true)
View multicontext.jl
using CImGui
using CImGui.LibCImGui
using CImGui.GLFWBackend
using CImGui.OpenGLBackend
using GLFW, ModernGL
using CSyntax
using Printf
@static if Sys.isapple()
# OpenGL 3.2 + GLSL 150
Gnimuc / imgui_node_graph_test.cpp
Created Mar 1, 2019 — forked from ocornut/imgui_node_graph_test.cpp
Node graph editor basic demo for ImGui
View imgui_node_graph_test.cpp
// Creating a node graph editor for ImGui
// Quick demo, not production code! This is more of a demo of how to use ImGui to create custom stuff.
// Better version by @daniel_collin here
// See
// v0.03: fixed grid offset issue, inverted sign of 'scrolling'
// Animated gif:
#include <math.h> // fmodf
// NB: You can use math functions/operators on ImVec2 if you #define IMGUI_DEFINE_MATH_OPERATORS and #include "imgui_internal.h"
Gnimuc / Nuklear_and_CImGui.jl
Created Feb 28, 2019
Nuklear works along side with CImGui
View Nuklear_and_CImGui.jl
using Nuklear
using Nuklear.LibNuklear
using Nuklear.GLFWBackend
using CImGui
using CImGui.CSyntax
using CImGui.GLFWBackend
using CImGui.OpenGLBackend
using CImGui.GLFWBackend.GLFW
using CImGui.OpenGLBackend.ModernGL
View nested-struct
julia> :(struct Foo
struct Bar
struct Baz
struct Goo
View phong.frag
#version 410
in vec3 geo_position_eye, normal_eye;
uniform mat4 view_mat;
// fixed point light properties
vec3 light_position_world = vec3(0.0, 0.0, 5.0);
vec3 Ls = vec3(1.0, 1.0, 1.0); // white specular colour
vec3 Ld = vec3(0.7, 0.7, 0.7); // dull white diffuse light colour


with this patch


and disabling WebAssembly

# Also target Wasm because Javascript is the Platform Of The Future (TM)
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