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ligy GoldenRaven

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Created Mar 12, 2020


  • 算法名称
  • 复杂度
  • 目标函数
  • 正则项
  • 任务类别
  • 实现方法
  • 优点
  • 缺点
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This is a theory i dreamed about last night, it really confused me. The dream explained to me, but i still
don't know what it is. Maybe my brain just mixed up various of weird thoughts and end up with this
Fancy Theory with a fancy name, who knows.
Fancy theory is an universal theory that dominates nearly every field in the whole universe, like Physics,
Mathematics, Literature and so on.
There is a Fancy version theory of almost everything like Fancy Table Theory, Fancy Toilet Theory.
Fancy Table Theory: A guy is talking to his friends: "I was appointed to teach programing in a colleage.