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Hacking Pentagon

Jasur Yusupov GooDeeJAY

Hacking Pentagon
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Docker Certbot

Docker Certbot obtain SSL Certificate

Starting Nginx Server

Create nginx.conf file:

server {
  listen 80;
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"$schema": "",
"blocks": [
"alignment": "left",
"segments": [
"background": "#7f39db",
"foreground": "#ffffff",
"leading_diamond": "\ue0b6",
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Creative and fun ways of generating random numbers

Fun and creative ways of generating random numbers in python

Here I'm going to show some creative and fun ways of generating random numbers without using random package in python.

Example 1 - Generating random number in range 0-9

When we call time() function of the package time, it returns floating point number - current time in seconds since the Epoch:

>>> time.time()