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Forked from DimosthenisK/self.decorator.ts
Created July 3, 2022 12:30
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NestJS Guard + Decorator that allows user access limit to his own resources
import { SetMetadata } from '@nestjs/common';
export interface SelfDecoratorParams {
userIDParam: string;
allowAdmins?: boolean;
export const Self = (params: SelfDecoratorParams | string) =>
typeof params == 'string' ? { userIDParam: params } : params,
import { CanActivate, ExecutionContext, Injectable } from '@nestjs/common';
import { Observable } from 'rxjs';
import { Reflector } from '@nestjs/core';
import { roles, User } from '../../user.dbentity';
import { SelfDecoratorParams } from '../decorators/self.decorator';
export class SelfGuard implements CanActivate {
constructor(private readonly reflector: Reflector) {}
context: ExecutionContext,
): boolean | Promise<boolean> | Observable<boolean> {
const request = context.switchToHttp().getRequest();
const user = request.user as User; //Use passport authentication strategy
//Priority on method meta
let selfParams = this.reflector.get<SelfDecoratorParams>(
if (!selfParams)
//Check for class meta
selfParams = this.reflector.get<SelfDecoratorParams>(
//If still no meta, pass
if (!selfParams) return true;
let allowAdmins = selfParams.allowAdmins || true;
let userIDParam = selfParams.userIDParam;
if (!user) return false;
if (request.params[userIDParam] == return true;
if (allowAdmins && user.role == roles.SUPERUSER) return true;
import {
} from '@nestjs/common';
import { SelfGuard } from '../authentication/guards/self.guard';
import { Request } from 'express';
import { User } from '../user.dbentity';
import { Self } from '../authentication/decorators/self.decorator';
@Self('id') //here "id" notes that the user id is on the "id" request parameter
export class UserController {
constructor(service: UserService) {}
//You may also use the @Self decorator here for method-specific functionality
async getSampleResource() {
return "Sample resource";
@Self({userIDParam: 'id', allowAdmins: true})
async getAdminSampleResource() {
return "Sample resource";
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