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Using Rune
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I'm also trying to work an "aBOMination" pun in here somewhere, but as of yet to no avail.

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ufcpp commented Dec 7, 2019


3 years ago, I wrote an article about Unicode history (Unicode itself and .NET characters) in Japanese. Diagrams/illustrations in the article are drawn by using PowerPoint. I hope this pptx helps you.

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Serentty commented Jan 17, 2020

I think this is a very good write-up. There's one aspect that I disagree with however, and that's the recommendation to use char instead when you're sure that the character will be representable as a single UTF-16 code unit. I think this is an unnecessary complication to the mental model, and also makes it harder to switch the backing encoding of a string (say, to a Utf8String) without breaking code. I think that going forward, it makes more sense to avoid treating char as an entire character, even when it is known to be. When searching for a character in a string, users shouldn't have to look up whether or not that character is in the BMP when it is simpler to just use Rune.

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