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Created May 10, 2015 09:20
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Create a series of images to demonstrate weather related events using python and matplotlib
import csv
import sys
from datetime import datetime
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import matplotlib.dates as mdates
import matplotlib.image as image
import matplotlib.lines as mlines
import os.path
# read in log file
logFileName = "main_si470x_clean.log"
with open(logFileName) as logfile:
logfilereader = csv.reader(logfile, delimiter=',')
logfilelist = list(logfilereader)
except csv.Error as e:
sys.exit('file %s, line %d: %s' % (logFileName, ' ', logfilereader.line_num, e))
except IOError:
sys.exit('''Problem with ''' + logFileName + ''' - can't read file''')
output = 3493*[0]
xaxisdata = 3493*[0]
for x in range(0,3493):
xaxisdata[x] = mdates.epoch2num((x + 3969981) * 360)
for x in logfilelist:
a = (int(x[0])//360 - 3969981)
output[a] = output[a] + 1
terrain = image.imread('IDR663.png')
imerror = image.imread('error.png')
fig = plt.gcf()
for frame in range(3000,3493):
#frame = 1001
l1 = mlines.Line2D([0.839,0.837], [0.802,0.815], color='magenta', linewidth=3, transform=fig.transFigure, figure=fig, zorder=4)
radarframe = frame
noRadar = False
a= mdates.num2date(xaxisdata[radarframe])
radarfile = a.strftime("%Y\\%m\\%d\\") +'IDR663.T.' + a.strftime("%Y%m%d%H%M") + '.png'
while not os.path.isfile(radarfile):
radarframe = radarframe - 1
noRadar = True
radarfile = a.strftime("%Y\\%m\\%d\\") +'IDR663.T.' + a.strftime("%Y%m%d%H%M") + '.png'
imradar = image.imread(radarfile)
plt.gca().tick_params(axis='y', colors='grey')
plt.gca().tick_params(axis='x', colors='grey')
plt.plot_date(xaxisdata, output, marker="o", color =(31/255., 119/255., 180/255.), markersize=4, markeredgecolor='none', linewidth=0.05, linestyle='-', zorder = 0)
plt.gca().set_title('RDS Messages per 6 Minute Radar Sweep \n', color='grey', fontsize=20)
plt.setp( plt.gca().get_xticklabels(), rotation=45, horizontalalignment='right')
[i.set_color("grey") for i in plt.gca().get_xticklabels()]
[i.set_fontsize(13) for i in plt.gca().get_xticklabels()]
[i.set_color("grey") for i in plt.gca().get_yticklabels()]
[i.set_fontsize(13) for i in plt.gca().get_yticklabels()]
plt.subplots_adjust(left=0.03, right=0.72, top=0.9, bottom =0.12)
plt.axvspan(xaxisdata[0], xaxisdata[frame], facecolor='grey', alpha=0.07)
plt.gcf().figimage(terrain, 1408, 568, zorder = 1)
plt.gcf().figimage(imradar, 1408, 568, zorder = 2)
if noRadar:
plt.gcf().figimage(imerror, 1408, 568, alpha = 0.2, zorder = 3)
plt.gcf().text(0.79,0.5,a.strftime("%Y_%m_%d %H:%M") + ' UTC', fontsize=15, color='grey', family='monospace')
plt.gcf().text(0.735,0.05,'RDS messages from Brisbane FM radio\nstation Triple M (104.5 MHz) were\nlogged over a two week period. To\ndemonstrate a correlation between\nrainfall and message frequency, the\nnumber of messages in a 6 minute\nperiod is compared to historical data\nfrom the Mt Stapylton 128 km weather\nradar.\n\nThe small magenta line on the radar\nimage indicates the path from the\ntransmitter to the receiver\n\nGrant Trebbin\n@GPTreb 2015',fontsize=15, color='#444444')
plt.gcf().savefig('Output\\'+ str(frame) +'.png',dpi=120)
print (radarfile)
print (logfilelist[0][0])
print (len(logfilelist))
k=input("press close to exit")
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