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Created January 15, 2016 23:55
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import requests
Dest = "http://localhost:8080/{0}"
req = requests.get(Dest.format("wp-login.php"))
cookie_value = dict(req.cookies)
# create post id,pw
login_id = ["test", "wei", "a", "admin", "admin", "admin", "nimda"]
login_pw = ["test", "wei", "a", "admin", "wei", "password", "password"]
login_info = zip(login_id, login_pw)
user_info = []
for post_id, post_pw in login_info:
datas = {"log": post_id, "pwd": post_pw, "wp-submit": "Log In", "redirect_to": Dest.format("wp-admin/"), "testcookie": "1"}
req ="wp-login.php"), data=datas, cookies=cookie_value)
if req.status_code >= 400:
print("Can't access " + Dest.format("/wp-login.php"))
print(post_id, post_pw)
if "<title>Dashboard" in req.text:
user_info.append((post_id, post_pw))
if len(user_info) > 0:
print("Login Success!")
for view_id, view_pw in user_info:
print("ID:{0} PW:{1}".format(view_id, view_pw))
print("Can not login..")
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