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Partially Blind Unmarshaling with Golang.
package triggertypes
import "time"
// RequestMade ...
type RequestMade struct {
Requester int `json:"requester"` // sapphire userID
RequestID int `json:"requestID"`
EventID int `json:"eventID"`
CreatedDate *time.Time `json:"createdDate"` // Here just incase its lost or delayed.
const requestMadeType = "RequestMade"
// GetRequestMadeTypeString ...
func GetRequestMadeTypeString() string {
return requestMadeType
// GetTypeString ...
func (trigger *RequestMade) GetTypeString() string {
return requestMadeType
package triggertypes
import (
// Unmarshal ...
func Unmarshal(triggerType string, reader io.ReadCloser) (t interface{}, err error) {
t = nil
decoder := json.NewDecoder(reader)
switch triggerType {
case requestMadeType:
t = &RequestMade{}
if t != nil {
err = decoder.Decode(&t)
if err != nil {
return nil, err
return nil, errors.New("Unknown type")
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