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View gist:26b3b345dd612f068f6b9d8733d99059
1. Even or Odd? - Constant
2. Are You Here? - Polynomial
3. Doubler - Constant (Linear)
4. Naive Search - Linear
5. Creating Pairs - Polynomial
6. Computing Fibonaccis - (Linear)
7. An Efficient Search - Linear (Logarithmic)
8. Random Element - Constant
9. Is it Prime? - (Linear)
View gist:15461c0ecc5fdd49fe6a647b30d3bb79
Basic functionality works.
Would be helpful to filter the list to see only items I am bringing.
Don't like entering the date by typing - need a drop-down calendar.
Changes will be made after connecting to the back-end and using real data.
View gist:9ceaaa19c8995bc1a009a68eed40d04e
Core App User Stories:
1. User should be able to sign up for an account.
2. User should be able to login to their account after signup.
3. User should be able to see a list of their trips.
4. User should be able to create a new trip.
5. User should be able to input, view, and update details of the trip such as dates, location, friends going on the trip, etc.
6. User should be able to generate a unique invite url upon creation of new trip.
7. User should be able to delete a trip.
8. User should be able to create a "List of Things Needed for this Trip".
9. User should be able to create, update, and delete an item from the "Things Needed" list.
GrimmOutlook / gist:b4e028704f412cdb2cba7c21b0dadda2
Created Nov 30, 2017
Final Capstone: Purpose Statement and App Name
View gist:b4e028704f412cdb2cba7c21b0dadda2
App Name: Travel Game Plan
Purpose Statement: Travel Game Plan helps you and your friends coordinate your next trip by organizing everything needed to plan your trip
in one simple app.
View gist:170cd7e1a98c276306f8ab474b4db35d
1. Interest Calculator I: Connecting:!/spice-router
2. Interest Calculator 2: Dispatching:!/nifty-guitar
GrimmOutlook / gist:f2337448aa3d7f2cc240340e2671d4f1
Last active Nov 15, 2017
React Action, Reducer, Store Drills
View gist:f2337448aa3d7f2cc240340e2671d4f1
1. i18n State:!/east-branch
2. CRUD:!/sunrise-guitar
View gist:c5334407913fad653604ec67df270b96
1. Surprise!!/blushing-clarinet
2. Rate Calculator!/petite-nail
3. Live Search!/nonstop-airbus
View gist:1920fe66eb593ae471d2c5dccd8eb91d
Second Component Drill - Address Book:!/ripe-kilometer
GrimmOutlook / gist:07eeb0235b63afb393fd11b9dbbcf1ee
Last active Jul 9, 2017
List of Distinct Screens for Capstone #2 - Whiskey Social
View gist:07eeb0235b63afb393fd11b9dbbcf1ee
Link to User Flow Screens:
Home / Landing
Sign Up
Log In
User Settings
Individual Whiskey Post (Own)
Individual Whiskey Post (Friend)
GrimmOutlook / gist:abebe2888272701ea22b2f520d42ff2e
Created Jul 3, 2017
Capstone #2 User Stories - Whiskey App
View gist:abebe2888272701ea22b2f520d42ff2e
- View list of app features, with screenshots, on a homepage prior to me signing up or logging in.
- Sign up for an account
- Log into my account using a username & password
- using Facebook
- using Twitter
- Reset my password
- Delete my account
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