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A proposal for multiple return values
public class MyClass
public void MyMethod()
var x, y, z = MyReturnMethod();
Console.WriteLine("{0} {1} {2}", x, y, z);
// 10 Hello <now>
var var1 = MyReturnMethod();
// 10
string s = MyReturnMethod();
// Hello
string myString, DateTime date = MyReturnMethod();
Console.WriteLine("{0} {1}", myString, date);
// Hello <now>
var v1:y, v2:x = MyReturnMethod();
Console.WriteLine("{0} {1}", v1, v2);
// Hello 10
public int, string, DateTime MyReturnMethod()
int x = 10;
string y = "Hello";
DateTime z = DateTime.Now;
return x, y, z;
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