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@Grogdor /rtorrent
Last active Sep 13, 2017

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rtorrent FreeBSD startup rc.d service script tmux user
# $FreeBSD$
# Runs as unprivileged user "rtorrent"
# Lives in "tmux" (like "screen") because rtorrent can't daemonize itself
# To access rtorrent client that's in the tmux: su - rtorrent && tmux attach
# To detach the tmux and leave rtorrent running: Ctrl-B then D
# nice'd default +10 step to make it go easy on the machine
# Don't forget to put rtorrent_enable="YES" in your /etc/rc.conf
# PROVIDE: rtorrent
# KEYWORD: shutdown
. /etc/rc.subr
load_rc_config $name
: ${rtorrent_enable:=no}
rtorrent_start() {
su - rtorrent -c "tmux new-session -d -s rtorrent 'nice /usr/local/bin/rtorrent'"
rtorrent_stop() {
su - rtorrent -c "tmux send-keys -t rtorrent C-q"
run_rc_command "$1"
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