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Android Bundle enum support using kotlin extension methods
import android.os.Bundle
// Dunno if there's a better way to extend both bundle and intents, but
// you probably can extend intents in the same way
fun Bundle.putEnum(key:String, enum: Enum<*>){
inline fun <reified T: Enum<T>> Bundle.getEnum(key:String): T {
return enumValueOf(getString(key))
enum class KotlinEnum {
class MyClass: Fragment() {
companion object {
private const val ENUM_KEY = "ENUM_KEY"
//... some fragment declaration code
fun newInstance(ktEnum: KotlinEnum) {
val args = Bundle()
args.putEnum(ENUM_KEY, ktEnum)
// Both way works
val cEnum = args.getEnum(ENUM_KEY) as KotlinEnum
val dEnum = args.getEnum<KotlinEnum>(ENUM_KEY)
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