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Auto Discover proof of concept for Cabot
To use copy to cabot\cabotapp\management\commands\
Run with this command: sh -ac ' . ./conf/production.env; python AutoDiscover'
from import BaseCommand
from django.contrib.auth.models import User
from cabot.cabotapp.models import *
from cabot.cabotapp.graphite import *
def AddServiceCheck(service, name, metric, check_type, value, debounce=0):
Create check for metric, and add to service
check, bCreated = GraphiteStatusCheck.objects.get_or_create(
name = name,
metric = metric,
defaults = {
"check_type": check_type,
"value": value,
"created_by_id": 1, # hard coded to user 1
"importance": Service.ERROR_STATUS,
class Command(BaseCommand):
def handle(self, *args, **options):
user = User.objects.get(username="root");
# search for all servers
metrics = get_matching_metrics("servers.*");
for metric in metrics["metrics"]:
print metric["path"], metric["name"]
server = metric["name"]
server_path = metric["path"];
# get or create server
service, created = Service.objects.get_or_create(name=server, defaults={"email_alert": True, "hipchat_alert": False})
# find all disks and add a check for percent free less then 5%
disk_metrics = get_matching_metrics("%sdiskspace.*" % (server_path)); # servers.www01.diskspace.root.gigabyte_percentfree
for disk_metric in disk_metrics["metrics"]:
"%s %s free" % (server, disk_metric["name"]),
"%sgigabyte_percentfree" % (disk_metric["path"]),
# Add check for load over 5
"%s load" % (server, ),
"%sloadavg.05" % (server_path, ),
# Add check for low swap+free memory
"%s low mem" % (server, ),
"sumSeries(%smemory.SwapFree, %smemory.MemFree)"% (server_path, server_path),
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