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string indexFolder = @"D://Samples/Index";
string documentsFolder = @"D://Samples/Source/Index";
// Creating index in the specified folder
Index index = new Index(indexFolder);
// Indexing documents from the specified folder
// Searching in index
SearchResult result = index.Search("video");
for (int i = 0; i < result.DocumentCount; i++)
if (result.DocumentCount > 0)
FoundDocument document = result.GetFoundDocument(i); // Getting the first found document
OutputAdapter outputAdapter = new FileOutputAdapter(@"D:\Highlighted" + i + ".html"); // Creating the output adapter to a file
HtmlHighlighter highlighter = new HtmlHighlighter(outputAdapter); // Creating the highlighter object
index.Highlight(document, highlighter); // Generating output HTML formatted document with highlighted search results
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