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string indexFolder = @"c:\MyIndex\";
string documentsFolder = @"c:\MyDocuments\";
// Creating an index in the specified folder
Index index = new Index(indexFolder);
// Indexing documents from the specified folder
// Creating a search options object
SearchOptions options = new SearchOptions();
options.FuzzySearch.Enabled = true; // Enabling the fuzzy search
options.FuzzySearch.FuzzyAlgorithm = new TableDiscreteFunction(2); // Setting the number of possible differences for each word
// Searching in the index
SearchResult result = index.Search("Happiness", options);
if (result.DocumentCount > 0)
// Generating HTML-formatted text of a document with highlighted search results
index.Highlight(result.GetFoundDocument(0), new HtmlHighlighter(new FileOutputAdapter(@"c:\Highlighted.html")));
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