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Last active Oct 30, 2018
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Merge an IR file with the GC (points) file in STATA
* Title:
* Created by: Tom Fish
* Created on: 30 October 2018
* Purpose: Explan how to merge an IR file with the GC (points) file in STATA
clear all
set more off
* Set folders that I am working on
local ptsDir "C:\08_GPS\04_Completed_Surveys\Nigeria\Nigeria_2015_MIS\Upload_file\"
local dataDir "C:\Data\DHSdata\"
local working "C:\Working\"
* Make sure we are working in our working directory
cd "`working'"
* Convert the shapefile into a dta file to merge in STATA
shp2dta using "`ptsDir'NGGE71FL.shp", database(ngpts) coordinates(ngcoord) genid(id)
* Open up the table portion of the shapefile
use ngpts
* Rename and sort to allow for the merge to be successful
rename DHSCLUST v001
sort v001
* Resave the table
save ngpts, replace
* Open the IR file
use "`dataDir'NGIR71FL.DTA", clear
* Do a 1 to Many merge/join by joining the GPS points (ngpts.dta) to the IR file
sort v001
merge v001 using ngpts.dta
* Show that the merge was 100% successful and then drop the unneed column
tab _merge
drop _merge id
* Save the merged file
save NG_Merged, replace
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