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Helper listener class to implement pagination
import androidx.annotation.NonNull;
import androidx.recyclerview.widget.LinearLayoutManager;
import androidx.recyclerview.widget.RecyclerView;
* @author gdelgado
* @see <a href="">EndlessRecyclerOnScrollListener</a>
@SuppressWarnings({"unused", "WeakerAccess"})
public abstract class EndlessRecyclerOnScrollListener extends RecyclerView.OnScrollListener {
private LinearLayoutManager layoutManager;
public EndlessRecyclerOnScrollListener(LinearLayoutManager layoutManager) {
this.layoutManager = layoutManager;
public void onScrolled(@NonNull RecyclerView recyclerView, int dx, int dy) {
super.onScrolled(recyclerView, dx, dy);
int firstVisibleItemIndex = layoutManager.findFirstVisibleItemPosition();
int visibleItemCount = layoutManager.getChildCount();
int totalItemCount = layoutManager.getItemCount();
int delta = layoutManager.getOrientation() == LinearLayoutManager.HORIZONTAL ? dx : dy;
boolean startToEnd = !layoutManager.getReverseLayout();
if ((startToEnd ? delta > 0 : delta < 0) && (firstVisibleItemIndex + visibleItemCount >= totalItemCount)) {
public abstract void onLoadMore(int lastVisibleIndex);

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@GuilhE GuilhE commented Jul 12, 2018

Just create a new instance of this listener and add it to your RecyclerView:

recyclerView.addOnScrollListener(new EndlessRecyclerOnScrollListener((LinearLayoutManager) recyclerView.getLayoutManager()) {
         public void onLoadMore(int lastVisibleIndex) {
                  //load logic

Works with both:
Orientations: LinearLayoutManager.VERTICAL, LinearLayoutManager.HORIZONTAL
Directions: reverseLayout = false (start to end), reverseLayout = true (end to start)

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