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Haskell typical project structure
app/ -- Root-dir
src/ -- For keeping the sourcecode
Main.lhs -- The main-module
App/ -- Use hierarchical modules
Win32/ -- For system dependent stuff
cbits/ -- For C code to be linked to the haskell program
testsuite/ -- Contains the testing stuff -- Will run all tests
tests/ -- For unit-testing and checking
App/ -- Clone the module hierarchy, so that there is one
testfile per sourcefile
benchmarks/ -- For testing performance
doc/ -- Contains the manual, and other documentation
examples/ -- Example inputs for the program
dev/ -- Information for new developers about the project,
and eg. related literature
util/ -- Auxiliary scripts for various tasks
dist/ -- Directory containing what end-users should get
build/ -- Contains binary files, created by cabal
doc/ -- The haddock documentation goes here, created by cabal
resources/ -- Images, soundfiles and other non-source stuff
used by the program
README -- Textfile with short introduction of the project
INSTALL -- Textfile describing how to build and install
TODO -- Textfile describing things that ought to be done
AUTHORS -- Textfile containing info on who does and has done
what in this project, and their contact info
LICENSE -- Textfile describing licensing terms for this project
app.cabal -- Project-description-file for cabal
Setup.hs -- Program for running cabal commands

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