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Pythonista image2base64
#covert an image in the clipboard to a 57x57 rgb icon and store base64 version of it into the clipboard.
#if an image is not in the clipboard the base64 string 'b64str' will be loaded and displayed.
#after running the 1st time replace the contents of b64str with the clipboard.
from PIL import Image
import clipboard
from StringIO import *
import base64
replace this with contents of clipboard after 1st run.
def main():
global b64str
cpimage = clipboard.get_image()
#if image was in clipboard.
if cpimage:
#resize to icon size.
icon = cpimage.resize((57, 57), Image.BILINEAR)
#convert to rgb format.
icon = icon.convert('RGB')
# #show resized image.
#create string buffer to write png file to.
iconstr = StringIO()
#write image to string buffer in png format., 'png')
#convert save buffer to base64.
b64str = base64.standard_b64encode(iconstr.getvalue())
#put base64 string in clipboard.
#now decode to test.
mystr = base64.standard_b64decode(b64str)
#read file from string buffer.
stb = StringIO(mystr)
img =
#show the image.
#print some info.
print str(img.format)
print str(img.mode)
print str(img.size)
print str(
if __name__ == '__main__':
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ingoradatz commented Feb 15, 2015


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allenhwkim commented Jul 27, 2015

It did not work for Mac though

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