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Username: guest
Full name: guest
Uid (Leave empty for default):
Login group [guest]: staff
Login group is staff. Invite guest into other groups? []: sftp_only
Login class [default]:
Shell (sh csh tcsh bash rbash git-shell nologin) [sh]: nologin
Home directory [/home/guest]:
Home directory permissions (Leave empty for default):
Use password-based authentication? [yes]:
Use an empty password? (yes/no) [no]:
Use a random password? (yes/no) [no]:
Enter password:
Enter password again:
Lock out the account after creation? [no]:
Username : guest
Password : *****
Full Name : guest
Uid : 1011
Class :
Groups : staff sftp_only
Home : /home/guest
Home Mode :
Shell : /usr/sbin/nologin
Locked : no
OK? (yes/no): yes
adduser: INFO: Successfully added (guest) to the user database.
Add another user? (yes/no): no
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