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Created May 31, 2022
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The Windows KTHREAD structure.
struct _KTHREAD {
void *SListFaultAddress;
unsigned int QuantumTarget;
void *InitialStack;
void *StackLimit;
void *StackBase;
unsigned int ThreadLock;
unsigned int CycleTime;
unsigned long CurrentRunTime;
unsigned long ExpectedRunTime;
void *KernelStack;
struct _KSCHEDULING_GROUP *SchedulingGroup;
union _KWAIT_STATUS_REGISTER WaitRegister;
unsigned int Running;
unsigned int Alerted[2];
unsigned long AutoBoostActive : 1;
unsigned long ReadyTransition : 1;
unsigned long WaitNext : 1;
unsigned long SystemAffinityActive : 1;
unsigned long Alertable : 1;
unsigned long UserStackWalkActive : 1;
unsigned long ApcInterruptRequest : 1;
unsigned long QuantumEndMigrate : 1;
unsigned long UmsDirectedSwitchEnable : 1;
unsigned long TimerActive : 1;
unsigned long SystemThread : 1;
unsigned long ProcessDetachActive : 1;
unsigned long CalloutActive : 1;
unsigned long ScbReadyQueue : 1;
unsigned long ApcQueueable : 1;
unsigned long ReservedStackInUse : 1;
unsigned long UmsPerformingSyscall : 1;
unsigned long TimerSuspended : 1;
unsigned long SuspendedWaitMode : 1;
unsigned long SuspendSchedulerApcWait : 1;
unsigned long Reserved : 12;
long MiscFlags;
unsigned long AutoAlignment : 1;
unsigned long DisableBoost : 1;
unsigned long ThreadFlagsSpare0 : 1;
unsigned long AlertedByThreadId : 1;
unsigned long QuantumDonation : 1;
unsigned long EnableStackSwap : 1;
unsigned long GuiThread : 1;
unsigned long DisableQuantum : 1;
unsigned long ChargeOnlySchedulingGroup : 1;
unsigned long DeferPreemption : 1;
unsigned long QueueDeferPreemption : 1;
unsigned long ForceDeferSchedule : 1;
unsigned long SharedReadyQueueAffinity : 1;
unsigned long FreezeCount : 1;
unsigned long TerminationApcRequest : 1;
unsigned long AutoBoostEntriesExhausted : 1;
unsigned long KernelStackResident : 1;
unsigned long CommitFailTerminateRequest : 1;
unsigned long ProcessStackCountDecremented : 1;
unsigned long RestrictedGuiThread : 1;
unsigned long ThreadFlagsSpare : 4;
unsigned long EtwStackTraceApcInserted : 8;
long ThreadFlags;
unsigned int Tag;
unsigned int SystemHeteroCpuPolicy;
unsigned int UserHeteroCpuPolicy : 7;
unsigned int ExplicitSystemHeteroCpuPolicy : 1;
unsigned int Spare0;
unsigned long SystemCallNumber;
unsigned long Spare10;
void *FirstArgument;
struct _KTRAP_FRAME *TrapFrame;
struct _KAPC_STATE ApcState;
unsigned int ApcStateFill[43];
char Priority;
unsigned long UserIdealProcessor;
int WaitStatus;
struct _KWAIT_BLOCK *WaitBlockList;
struct _LIST_ENTRY WaitListEntry;
struct _SINGLE_LIST_ENTRY SwapListEntry;
void *Teb;
unsigned int RelativeTimerBias;
struct _KTIMER Timer;
struct _KWAIT_BLOCK WaitBlock[4];
unsigned int WaitBlockFill4[20];
unsigned long ContextSwitches;
unsigned int WaitBlockFill5[68];
unsigned int State;
char Spare13;
unsigned int WaitIrql;
char WaitMode;
unsigned int WaitBlockFill6[116];
unsigned long WaitTime;
unsigned int WaitBlockFill7[164];
int KernelApcDisable;
int SpecialApcDisable;
unsigned long CombinedApcDisable;
unsigned int WaitBlockFill8[40];
struct _KTHREAD_COUNTERS *ThreadCounters;
unsigned int WaitBlockFill9[88];
struct _XSTATE_SAVE *XStateSave;
unsigned int WaitBlockFill10[136];
void *Win32Thread;
unsigned int WaitBlockFill11[176];
void *TebMappedLowVa;
struct _LIST_ENTRY QueueListEntry;
struct _KSWITCH_FRAME SwitchFrame;
struct _KARM64_VFP_STATE *VfpState;
unsigned long NextProcessor;
unsigned long NextProcessorNumber : 31;
unsigned long SharedReadyQueue : 1;
long QueuePriority;
struct _KPROCESS *Process;
struct _GROUP_AFFINITY UserAffinity;
unsigned int UserAffinityFill[10];
char PreviousMode;
char BasePriority;
char PriorityDecrement;
unsigned int ForegroundBoost : 4;
unsigned int UnusualBoost : 4;
unsigned int Preempted;
unsigned int AdjustReason;
char AdjustIncrement;
unsigned int AffinityVersion;
struct _GROUP_AFFINITY Affinity;
unsigned int AffinityFill[10];
unsigned int ApcStateIndex;
unsigned int WaitBlockCount;
unsigned long IdealProcessor;
unsigned int Spare15[1];
struct _KAPC_STATE SavedApcState;
unsigned int SavedApcStateFill[43];
unsigned int WaitReason;
char SuspendCount;
char Saturation;
unsigned int SListFaultCount;
struct _KAPC SchedulerApc;
unsigned int SchedulerApcFill0[1];
unsigned int ResourceIndex;
unsigned int SchedulerApcFill1[3];
unsigned int QuantumReset;
unsigned int SchedulerApcFill2[4];
unsigned long KernelTime;
unsigned int SchedulerApcFill3[64];
struct _KPRCB *WaitPrcb;
unsigned int SchedulerApcFill4[72];
void *LegoData;
unsigned int SchedulerApcFill5[83];
unsigned int CallbackNestingLevel;
unsigned long UserTime;
struct _KEVENT SuspendEvent;
struct _LIST_ENTRY ThreadListEntry;
struct _LIST_ENTRY MutantListHead;
unsigned int AbEntrySummary;
unsigned int AbWaitEntryCount;
unsigned int Spare20;
unsigned long SecureThreadCookie;
struct _KLOCK_ENTRY LockEntries[6];
struct _SINGLE_LIST_ENTRY PropagateBoostsEntry;
struct _SINGLE_LIST_ENTRY IoSelfBoostsEntry;
unsigned int PriorityFloorCounts[16];
unsigned long PriorityFloorSummary;
long AbCompletedIoBoostCount;
long AbCompletedIoQoSBoostCount;
int KeReferenceCount;
unsigned int AbOrphanedEntrySummary;
unsigned int AbOwnedEntryCount;
unsigned long ForegroundLossTime;
struct _LIST_ENTRY GlobalForegroundListEntry;
struct _SINGLE_LIST_ENTRY ForegroundDpcStackListEntry;
unsigned int InGlobalForegroundList;
int ReadOperationCount;
int WriteOperationCount;
int OtherOperationCount;
int ReadTransferCount;
int WriteTransferCount;
int OtherTransferCount;
struct _KSCB *QueuedScb;
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