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Created March 17, 2022 05:41
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Sample objectives you can inspire to put in your CV

  1. Enthusiastic and self-motivated individual looking for a Preschool Teacher position at Treasure School; coming with ability to recognize and evaluate the educational needs and potentials of young children and develop suitable educational plans that can meet their needs and potentials.

  2. To secure a position as an Elementary School Teacher that will enhance my dedication to children’s educational essentials and development.

  3. Smart and intelligent high school graduate with proficiencies in math and language skills seeks to add value as an Assistant Teacher at Mayfield School.

  4. Conscientious child care worker with very strong ability to coordinate, go along with, and provide activities suitable for the opportunity age of children, desires the position of Child Care Worker at Priceless Children Center.

  5. Applying for a Kindergarten Teacher position with Educonsult Group Inc., with the capacity to provide children with the most rewarding learning experience that can greatly enhance them intellectually, socially, physically, and emotionally.

  6. To add value as a Montessori Teacher at Maryland Public School serving as a coach and mentor to children and assisting them to build confidence by engaging them in fun and practical oriented activities.

  7. Individual with broad knowledge of technology and media desires to work as a School Library Media Specialist at XYX School that will allow for career advancement, cross-curricular activities, and further development of research skills.

  8. To obtain the position of Special Needs Teacher at XYZ School, deploying strong passion, skills, and experience for kids with special needs which would enable me to contribute significantly to the educational goals and objectives of Topmost School.

  9. An English Tutor with teaching experience at all ages and levels with a wide subject knowledge and organizational and communicational competencies, desires to work with Zenith School.

  10. Consistent, committed, and highly focused Mathematics Teacher with 7years of field experience in imparting mathematics knowledge to students of different grades seeks employment at XYZ Schools; bringing track record of consistently enriching students’ progress and achieving exceptional concept clarity by effectively reinforcing strategies and practical instruction.

  11. An excellent Science Educator with uncommon ability to bring lesson plans to reality from beyond the pages of textbooks desires the role of a Science Teacher at XYZ School; exceptional at actively engaging students while providing clear and comprehensive instruction in basic academic skills; unique in ensuring that students have broad understanding and mastery of key concepts from the requisite course materials.

  12. To be employed as an Art Teacher with Master Craft Academy, coming with strong proficiency in helping students learn the concepts of the art subject effectively through thorough practical lessons.

  13. Highly motivated and results-driven Teacher with 10years experience in teaching social studies seeks to obtain a teaching position at XYZ School. Possess high competency in planning study programs suitable for each student’s needs and guiding and following fully the learning process towards the objectives of the curriculum.

  14. Experienced individual with 10years as a Guidance Counselor with City Model School desires to utilize extensive counseling and crisis management experience and skills in guiding students towards success.

  15. Well grounded educator with 8+ years of professional experience working with children. Seeking After School Program Director position at ABC company where excellent leadership and interpersonal skills will be effectively applied.

  16. Detail oriented individual adept at deploying education and enrichment activities seeking to work as an After School Program Aide at ABC Child Care Center; coming with high proficiency in handling children in a friendly and helpful manner.

  17. Resourceful and problem solver with strong track record of exerting influence and providing support for students desires Academic advisor position at XYZ Center; bringing 8+ years of experience in leadership and service.

  18. Creative and reliable individual desires to join the team at XYZ Center as a Child Care Assistant where 6 years experience in creating convenient environments for social, emotional, and physical development of the Child will be applied.

  19. Education specialist with 12+ years teaching experience, including in school management positions, seeks the position of Assistant Principal at XYZ School to deploy accounting, leadership, and program implementation proficiency in achieving the school’s goals.

  20. Resourceful and caring educational expert with 8+ years of experience seeks the role of Adjunct Professor with ABC Service; bringing outstanding teaching, critical thinking, and leadership skills into use.

  1. Curious and dedicated recent graduate with three years' experience as a laboratory assistant and ongoing seeking admission into the Brighton College School of Life Science to gain the essential knowledge and skills to pursue scientific research on microbes in sub-zero temperature. Equipped with astute observational capabilities and the ability to challenge unique hypotheses with structured data through the scientific process.

  2. Independent and creative honors student seeking a research fellowship at the Maryland Institute College of Art in the Art History specialty to apply my undergraduate studies in surrealist art to a structured and rigorous academic program, enabling me to begin my career as an art historian and publish thoughtful commentary and research.

  3. Innovative, determined marketing manager with ten years of experience in print advertising seeking to advance my education in digital marketing by gaining entry to the Colorado University MBA program with a focus on marketing. Experienced industry professional with personal insight into the impact of digital analytics looking to expand my pedagogical background and strengthen marketing foundations to contribute to cutting-edge projects alongside my cohort.

  4. Strategic and compassionate education major with published research on special needs education for children and a background in disability studies seeking admittance into Missouri State's graduate program to pursue a Master of Education where I can continue specializing my educational practice to empower students and contribute to the field of early childhood education.

  5. Disciplined, reliable nurse with a BSN, five years of experience as an ER nurse and a history of exceptional patient outcomes seeking to earn a Master of Science in nurse anesthesia at the University of New England. Seeking to implement attentive patient care and scientific knowledge to develop the skills to safely assist in surgical anesthesia.

  6. Diligent and focused philosophy student with a background in ancient literature hoping to achieve the goal of becoming an undergraduate philosophy professor by entering the UCLA philosophy department on the doctorate track. Bringing experience as a philosophy teaching assistant, a voracious desire to learn and commitment to contributing to academic literature connecting modern and ancient philosophical ideals.

  7. Articulate and dynamic communications major with two years of experience working at a political public relations firm seeking a Master of Science in public relations and corporate communication from NYU. Looking to collaborate with other talented PR professionals in a competitive and ambitious environment, encouraging productive discourse on best practices and equipping me with the skills and expertise to further my career in PR policy management.

  8. Diplomatic and thorough political science student interested in participating in the University of Texas at Arlington's political science graduate program to build on my background as a junior political analyst to prepare me for a career in international affairs and government. Actively engaged in community programs and local government, equipping me with direct insight on the influence of grassroots political movements on national policy.

  9. Sociable, empathetic psychology undergraduate passionate about becoming a counselor to provide mental health support to my community looking for admittance into the Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program at TAMU to earn my Master of Science in counseling. Seeking a supportive educational structure to develop my expertise in behavioral psychology and learn to apply it to a clinical setting through supervised hands-on practice.

  10. Industrious and precise statistics major looking to continue my education at Kansas University to gain a statistics and analytics master's degree as the first step towards becoming an accomplished data scientist. Interested in discovering large-scale applications for my computational statistics projects and refining my applied statistics education to produce more useful estimates and improve data integrity.

  11. Focused, committed pre-law student with one year of experience as a paralegal and excellent LSAT marks hoping to gain admission to Cornell University to earn a law degree and participate in the operation of the International Human Rights Clinic, enabling me to become a qualified and impactful immigration lawyer. Excited to contribute to the Cornell law program by continuing to publish immigration law research from previous undergraduate case studies and independent research.

  12. Progressive, passionate feminist studies and psychology graduate and current teen counselor seeking to earn a Ph.D. in gender and sexuality studies from Emory University where I can perform innovative research on LGBT adolescent development from both a practical and theoretical lens. Looking to engage in productive feminist discourse through academic achievement and contribute to Emory's community programs by applying my background in critical theory to existing support structures.

  13. Hardworking and ambitious biology and chemistry double-major with four years of clinical experience as both a lab technician and a medical biller seeking admission into the Baylor College of Medicine to build my medical background and learn practical skills as a medical intern en route to earning my M.D. with a concentration in dermatology. Fascinated with improving people's quality of life through medical care and eager to bring my compassion, attention to detail and focus to the dermatology specialty.

  14. Resourceful and enterprising artist with experience running a small artisan business and showing pieces in fine art galleries seeking entry to the KCAI MFA program with a focus on fiber arts and textiles. Looking to apply experience in sourcing local dyes and fibers to my craft and refine my artistic technique through mentorship and academic community.

  15. Goal-oriented, persistent finance major and Certified Public Accountant interested in transitioning to a career as a financial analyst by earning knowledge and skills through the Master of Science in Finance program at Northeastern University. Equipped with sharp mathematic skills, a background in economics and meticulous recordkeeping abilities to establish success in highly technical courses.

  16. Inventive, clever individual with a bachelor's in civil engineering looking to earn a Master in Urban Planning at Harvard University, applying a background in the principles of engineering and design to the modern social and ecological landscape. Prepared to excel in the competitive field of urban planning through adept research skills and a refined approach to problem-solving and environment analysis.

  17. Accomplished, knowledgeable computer science professional looking to earn acceptance into the UC Berkley Master's in Information and Cybersecurity graduate program, gaining the cutting-edge skills to attain industry certifications. Able to contribute experience in ethical hacking and security testing to grow my professional knowledge and examine the forensics of digital interactions.

  18. Talented, perceptive criminal justice student with professional training as a forensic science technician and 10 years of volunteer experience working with incarcerated individuals looking to pursue a graduate degree in criminal justice at East Carolina University. Seeking a combination of field experience, independent research and access to graduate fellowships to leverage my astute perception skills and passion for equity in the criminal justice system.

  19. Skilled veterinary technician with experience treating livestock and domestic pets seeking acceptance into Ohio State University's prestigious veterinary graduate program to become a certified veterinarian and develop the essential tools for independently treating animals.

  20. Enthusiastic and energetic library assistant and recent college graduate planning to pursue a career as a research librarian by earning entry into the University of Denver's Master of Library and Information Science graduate program. Dedicated to expanding public access to information using refined research skills and commitment to education.

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Let's say "Dave" has three years of work experience in medical sales and wants a new job in the same field.

Old objective statement: "Highly motivated professional with excellent customer service skills and a strong ability to turn complex problems into solutions. Accomplished sales leader with a track record of success."

Again, the rub: Dave's objective statement could appear on anyone's résumé for any job. It's not specific to his career in medical sales and uses empty rhetoric ("accomplished sales leader"). Dave, don't TELL me you're "accomplished." SHOW me.

New objective statement: "Experienced medical sales professional who provides surgical supplies to hospitals throughout Georgia and South Carolina; manage 18 accounts and in 2014 grew sales totals 22% to $1.3 million."

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For example, "Sarah" just graduated and wants a job at a nonprofit that raises money for inner-city youth programs.

Old objective statement: "Highly motivated professional who is energetic, driven and committed to success. Well-versed in all areas of communication and an accomplished leader among my peers."

Yuck, the adjectives are everywhere. Motivated, energetic, driven, well-versed, accomplished.

Is Sarah a 22-year-old college grad or the freaking Dalai Lama? Employers either see right through or look right past all the trumped-up language.

In a job application, don't run from who you are. Embrace it.

New objective statement: "Recent graduate passionate about improving the lives of disadvantaged children. In college, created "Swingsets for Stamford" and led a group of 16 students to build 14 playgrounds in underserved communities."

More here on the importance of quantifying your success.

Sarah never claims she's "motivated" and "driven." Oh no. She uses a tangible example to say "Hey, boss man. You better hire me because I can prove my value." Her "Swingsets for Stamford" experience also lends itself to great conversation in a job interview.

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General career objective examples
Take help from these examples to write a strong resume objective:

To secure a challenging position in a reputable organization to expand my learnings, knowledge, and skills.
Secure a responsible career opportunity to fully utilize my training and skills, while making a significant contribution to the success of the company.
Seeking an entry-level position to begin my career in a high-level professional environment.
To secure employment with a reputable company, where I can utilize my skills and business studies background to the maximum.
Seeking a challenging career with an MNC.
A highly organized and hard-working individual looking for a responsible position to gain practical experience.
To make use of my interpersonal skills to achieve goals of a company that focuses on customer satisfaction and customer experience.
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Below are career objective samples for 20 different industries.

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10. Architecture/Interior Designing career objective examples
11. Supply Chain/Logistics career objective examples
12. Travel/Hotel career objective examples
13. Media/Journalist career objective examples
14. BPO/ITES career objective examples
15. Medical/Healthcare/Hospital career objective examples
16. FMCG career objective examples
17. Engineering career objective examples
18. Legal career objective examples
19. Textile/Garment professional career objective examples
20. Real estate career objective examples

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HKhademian commented Mar 17, 2022

Career Objective for Resume of an IT Fresher

  • Looking for an entry-level position in the field of Information Technology, in a company whose values and goals are in conjunction with my own value and skill set. I wish to contribute to a dynamic team of individuals motivated to achieve the company’s goal while aiding my personal growth.

  • Looking to establish a career in the field of Information Technology, I wish to work in a growth-oriented company and contribute to the development of the organization while upgrading my skill set and knowledge.

  • As a beginner in the field of Information Technology, I strive to associate myself with an organization where I can utilize my skills in the best possible manner, which further gives me an opportunity to grow in my career journey while contributing to the development of the organization.

  • Searching for favorable career opportunities that would assist me in gaining greater practical excellence in the IT and software industry and where I can put my analytical and technical skills to contribute to the growth of the organization.

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Top 22 Career Objective for Software Engineers

  1. A motivated individual with in-depth knowledge of languages and development tools, seeking a position in a growth-oriented company where I can use my skills to the advantage of the company while having the scope to develop my own skills.

  2. To work as a Software Engineer applying my knowledge in the field of testing, designing, and maintenance to cater to the specific needs of the people. I wish to work in a team of motivated individuals who wish to work towards the advancement of the company and its goals.

  3. Interested in the role of a Software Engineer where I can contribute my analytical skills and knowledge acquired by pursuing my degree in Software Engineering. Looking for a dynamic and progressive company where my skills are utilized in the maximum way possible.

  4. Looking for an entry-level position as a Software Engineer in a dynamic firm that values my analytical and technical skills and provides scope for updating my knowledge, I seek a company that will help me contribute to its development while concurrently aiding my personal growth.

  5. Seeking a job opportunity as a software engineer in (XYZ company), I am a driven individual with skills and expertise in the designing, planning, and maintenance of software programs, I wish to work with a diverse team that works towards contributing to the company’s vision and goals.

  6. An individual with a keen interest in Software programs, possessing good interpersonal and analytical skills, who wish to use technical knowledge catering to the needs of the company. I wish to work with a diverse group of people and see myself heading a group of people over a 1-year duration in the company.

  7. Experience software engineer with a master’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering, seeking a suitable job opportunity at ABC Inc. to utilize my excellent software design skills and customer service abilities.

  8. Detail-oriented individual with a BTech in Software Engineering, looking for a software developer position in a fast-growing company to utilize my technical skills and working knowledge of software applications, development and design.

  9. Looking for a suitable job role in Software Engineering and Development with ABC Inc. to utilize 2+ years of experience in technology engineering, software design, client support and servicing and server maintenance.

  10. Desirous for the role of Software Developer at TUV Inc. to design complex requirements of clients and customers into hi-tech and reliable software. Excellent knowledge of software design and development especially data structures and product-oriented designs and 3 years of work experience as a software developer.

  11. Interested in the job role of Software Engineer at STR Inc. where I can apply my technical skills in coding and software design to fulfil the clients’ particular requirements and augment the reputation of the company.

  12. An exceptionally creative individual with a BSc in Computer Science and internship experience in software design. Seeking the role of Software Engineer at CDC Inc. to incorporate my extensive knowledge of software designing and development to meet the clients’ specifications and gain professional experience alongside.

  13. Searching for a challenging position as a software engineer to utilize my tech and design skills for software program development, testing and quality management.

  14. A result-oriented individual with an MTech in Software Engineering, seeking a suitable position at a reputed organization where I can use my extensive knowledge in software design and development and further learn new things and grow as a Software Engineer.

  15. Analytical-minded and creative team player with a strong background in designing, planning, and maintenance of software programs, desirous of the role of Software Engineer at DC Inc. to hone my technical skills and expertise along with designing creative software and products as per the clients’ needs and enhance the reputation of your organization.

  16. BTech Software Engineer graduate searching for a suitable role at Microsoft. Bringing exceptional creative and innovative designing expertise, excellent communication skills, troubleshooting skills as well as ability to develop object-oriented products as per customer requirements.

  17. Interested in advancing a career as a Software Engineer at BMU Inc. Offering experience in software design and development, knowledge of hardware and coding as well as integrating innovative software solutions as per clients’ specifications.

  18. Creative-minded and detail-oriented individual with the ability to adhere to established procedures and thrive and learn on my own under little or no supervision. Seeking the role of a Software Engineer at YYY Inc. to incorporate my expertise in software design, application development and quality assurance.

  19. A curious learner and excellent team player searching for a challenging position as a Software Engineer at MIL Inc. to utilize my technical competencies, working knowledge of software development, troubleshooting and networking services and excellent communication skills to grow as a Software Engineer.

  20. An innovative individual with a BTech in Computer Science Engineering, desirous to find the job position of a Software Engineer to apply my exceptional knowledge of design, development, coding and quality testing of software as per clients’ requirements.

  21. A dedicated and result-oriented IT professional possessing a passion for programming and seeking a software engineering position with ABC International to make the most of my coding skills and leverage the goals and ambitions of the organization.

  22. Looking forward to earning the position of Software Engineer at a leading organization to showcase my skills in programming to generate high-end solutions to general software issues along with drawing better user experience.

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