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import React from 'react'
function Error({ statusCode }) {
return (
<h2>This is the Next.js _error.js page</h2>
<p>Choose the status code by changing the url param above</p>
This page supports the 7.x.x status code range{' '}
<a href="">
Error.getInitialProps = ({ res, err }) => {
const statusCode = err.statusCode || 500
res.statusCode = statusCode
return { statusCode }
export default Error
import React from 'react'
import Link from 'next/link'
import fetch from 'node-fetch'
import Router from 'next/router'
function Index({ stars }) {
return <div>we always throw :)</div>
export async function getServerSideProps({ query }) {
const error = new Error('lalalala')
console.log('query', query)
error.statusCode = Number(query.statusCode) || 500
throw error
export default Index
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