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Last active June 2, 2022 21:32
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describe - line and filename, variable name, class, str representation and some other info
# Print the line and filename, function call, the class, str representation and some other info
# Inspired by
import inspect
import re
def describe(arg):
frame = inspect.currentframe()
callerframeinfo = inspect.getframeinfo(frame.f_back)
context = inspect.getframeinfo(frame.f_back).code_context
caller_lines = ''.join([line.strip() for line in context])
m ='describe\s*\((.+?)\)$', caller_lines)
if m:
caller_lines =
position = str(callerframeinfo.filename) + "@" + str(callerframeinfo.lineno)
# Add additional info such as array shape or string length
additional = ''
if hasattr(arg, "shape"):
additional += "[shape={}]".format(arg.shape)
elif hasattr(arg, "__len__"): # shape includes length information
additional += "[len={}]".format(len(arg))
# Use str() representation if it is printable
str_arg = str(arg)
str_arg = str_arg if str_arg.isprintable() else repr(arg)
print(position, "describe(" + caller_lines + ") = ", end='')
print(arg.__class__.__name__ + "(" + str_arg + ")", additional)
print("Describe: couldn't find caller context")
del frame
del callerframeinfo
import numpy
describe((3, 2))
describe(numpy.zeros((2, 4)))
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