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Last active Aug 12, 2016
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# Print the name of the git repository's working tree's root directory
# Search for 'Tom Hale' in
# Or, shorter:
# (root=$(git rev-parse --git-dir)/ && cd ${root%%/.git/*} && git rev-parse && pwd)
# but this doesn't cover external $GIT_DIRs which are named other than .git
function git_root {
local root first_commit
# git displays its own error if not in a repository
root=$(git rev-parse --show-toplevel) || return
if [[ -n $root ]]; then
echo "$root"
elif [[ $(git rev-parse --is-inside-git-dir) = true ]]; then
# We're inside the .git directory
# Store the commit id of the first commit to compare later
# It's possible that $GIT_DIR points somewhere not inside the repo
first_commit=$(git rev-list --parents HEAD | tail -1) ||
echo "$0: Can't get initial commit" 2>&1 && false && return
root=$(git rev-parse --git-dir)/.. &&
# subshell so we don't change the user's working directory
( cd "$root" &&
if [[ $(git rev-list --parents HEAD | tail -1) = "$first_commit" ]]; then
echo "${FUNCNAME[0]}: git directory is not inside its repository" 2>&1
echo "${FUNCNAME[0]}: Can't determine repository root" 2>&1
# Change working directory to git repository root
function cd_git_root {
local root
root=$(git_root) || return $? # git_root will print any errors
cd "$root" || return $?
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