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Using human learning for machine learning

Tom Hale HaleTom

Using human learning for machine learning
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HaleTom /
Created Sep 11, 2019
Keybase identity proof

Keybase proof

I hereby claim:

  • I am haletom on github.
  • I am tomhale ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key ASA0UCq38IWRstxf9o5_HXYCzXjb7paM7SF7QfHRykoxsAo

To claim this, I am signing this object:

HaleTom / nnCostFunction.m
Created Jul 9, 2019
Matlab gradient descent - Coursera's Machine Learning ex4/nnCostFunction.m
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function [J grad] = nnCostFunction(nn_params, ...
input_layer_size, ...
hidden_layer_size, ...
num_labels, ...
X, Y, lambda)
%NNCOSTFUNCTION Implements the neural network cost function for a two layer
%neural network which performs classification
% [J grad] = NNCOSTFUNCTON(nn_params, hidden_layer_size, num_labels, ...
% X, y, lambda) computes the cost and gradient of the neural network. The
% parameters for the neural network are "unrolled" into the vector
HaleTom / describe.m
Last active Jul 9, 2019
Matlab/Octave: describe a variable (name, type, size)
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% Based upon
% Gist at:
function varargout = describe(varargin)
% varargin used to accommodate variable number of input names
st = dbstack;
outstring = '';
for ii = size(st, 1):-1:2
outstring = [outstring, st(ii).file, ' > ', st(ii).name, ', line ', num2str(st(ii).line), '\n'];
HaleTom /
Last active Jun 2, 2022
describe - line and filename, variable name, class, str representation and some other info
# Print the line and filename, function call, the class, str representation and some other info
# Inspired by
import inspect
import re
def describe(arg):
frame = inspect.currentframe()
callerframeinfo = inspect.getframeinfo(frame.f_back)
HaleTom / Test.ipynb
Last active Nov 25, 2017
Test .ipynb
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HaleTom / pacman-backup
Last active Mar 9, 2017
Safely backup pacman's sync databases
View pacman-backup
# Safely backup the pacman databases to enable reversal of system upgrade.
# Use pacman -b <backupdirectory> to use the saved databses
# Latest version:
set -euo pipefail; shopt -s failglob # safe mode
HaleTom / update_table
Created Oct 4, 2016
Update vim's ":help compatible" table from source code extract
View update_table
#!/bin/bash -eu
function get_decorated_options {
# option_extract > while read -r option;
while read -r line; do
name=$(printf %s "$line" | sed -rn 's/^\s*\{\s*"(\w+).*/\1/p')
# Get decoration
HaleTom / git-quote-string-multiline
Created Oct 1, 2016
Quote a single- or multi-line string for use in git's aliases
View git-quote-string-multiline
#!/bin/bash -eu
# Quote a single- or multi-line string for use in git's aliases
# Copyright (c) 2016 Tom Hale under
quote() {
printf %s "$1" | sed -r 's/(["\\])/\\\1/g';
IFS=$(printf '\n')
HaleTom /
Last active Jan 8, 2023
Print a 256-colour test pattern in the terminal
# Tom Hale, 2016. MIT Licence.
# Print out 256 colours, with each number printed in its corresponding colour
# See
set -eu # Fail on errors or undeclared variables
HaleTom / .bash_funcs
Created Aug 30, 2016
My bash shell functions
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# Functions to be sourced by .bashrc
# Ensure that ones to be accessed outside of .bashrc are added
# to the 'export' line at the very end.
# The absolute directory name of a file(s) or directory(s)
function abs_dirname {
for _ in $(eval echo "{1..$#}"); do
(cd "${dir:="$(dirname "$1")"}" && pwd || exit 1 )
[[ $? -ne 0 ]] && return 1