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public class CaptchaValidatorTests
private Mock<FakeHttpMessageHandler> _fakeHttpMessageHandler;
private HttpClient _httpClient;
public CaptchaValidatorTests()
_fakeHttpMessageHandler = new Mock<FakeHttpMessageHandler> { CallBase = true };
_httpClient = new HttpClient(_fakeHttpMessageHandler.Object);
public async Task ValidateCaptchaAsync_ShouldReturn_TheCorrectType()
_fakeHttpMessageHandler.Setup(f => f.Send(It.IsAny<HttpRequestMessage>())).Returns(new HttpResponseMessage
StatusCode = HttpStatusCode.OK,
Content =new StringContent("{\"success\": false,\"error-codes\": [\"It's a fake error!\",\"It's a fake error\"]}")
var sut = new CaptchaValidator(_httpClient);
var result = await sut.ValidateCaptchaAsync();
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