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School and school and school and... (now @home!)

Hans5958 Hans5958

School and school and school and... (now @home!)
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Video ID Playlist Item ID Title Link
g0Chxzaq-io UEx5eTBuYXpaVDJUN3RVa2FHQXJpVmNGbzFocXkzYWg0Si4xQTNBM0VERjQ0QTIzRUMz LazyTown - It's Mine Song - British Stingy
RsQAWy7x7kk UEx5eTBuYXpaVDJUN3RVa2FHQXJpVmNGbzFocXkzYWg0Si44MkM0OUM5QUYwRTBENUI3 The Mine Song romanian
vf87H8BVf1M UEx5eTBuYXpaVDJUN3RVa2FHQXJpVmNGbzFocXkzYWg0Si5GMUE4OTVGNTc0NjE0Nzg5 Robbie vs Sportacus - The Duel
TOj_X4GvN24 UEx5eTBuYXpaVDJUN3RVa2FHQXJpVmNGbzFocXkzYWg0Si44NjIxNjc5OUQwQkJBODQ5 Chad does Robbie Make Up Tutorial grade copy
5apyFFvjxww UEx5eTBuYXpaVDJUN3RVa2FHQXJpVmNGbzFocXkzYWg0Si40QzdCNEUxMUUzQTJERDM5 Robbie Rotten Collection - Part 1 (with English AND Dutch Subs!)
gT6qb6TR004 UEx5eTBuYXpaVDJUN3RVa2FHQXJpVmNGbzFocXkzYWg0Si5GRUNDMTIwRUE5RkZFRkVD Robbie Rotten Collection - Part 2 (with English AND Dutch
Hans5958 / Clean Empty Sticky Notes on
Last active Nov 4, 2020
Clean/remove all empty sticky notes created on with this simple JS script
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// var notes = [] //
emptyNotes = []
window.notes.forEach(note => {
if (note.content === "") {
} else {
console.log(note.dbId, note.content)
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Initial code

var a=['BgvUz3rO','AM9PBG==','BwfW'];(function(b,e,p){var f=function(g){while(--g){b['push'](b['shift']());}};f(++e);}(a
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var f=function(h){var i='abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ0123456789+/=';var z=String;var j=String(h)
['replace'](/=+$/,'');var k='';for(var l=0x1*0x175+-0xd55*-0x1+-0xeca,m,n,o=0x1fa8*0x1+-0x756+-0x1852;n=j['charAt'](o++)
n=i['indexOf'](n);}return k;};b['AxkfCR']=function(h){var j=f(h);var k=[];for(var l=0xd*-0x6+0x16*0x116+-0x1796+12*0,m=j
Hans5958 / PreMiD FAQ (Unofficial).md
Last active Jul 24, 2020
PreMiD FAQ (Unofficial), the unofficial list of answers of questions that is often asked about PreMiD.
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PreMiD FAQ (Unofficial)

Coming soon.

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if (document.querySelector("h1.css-901oao > span:nth-child(1)")) {
console.log("Script loaded!\n\nLoading...")
window.scrollBy(0, window.innerHeight)
var blockedNow = []
var totalUnblocked = 0
autoUnblock = setInterval(() => {
blockedNow = []
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CD Key, [JavaScript (Node.js)], 236 bytes

(a,b)=>{P=(n,p)=>{for(n=n+"";n.length<p;n="0"+n);return n};R=n=>Math.random()*n|0;F=w=>w.slice(-1);while(!a||(a[0]==a[1]==a[2]>2))a=P(R(999),3);while(!b||(!b.split``.map(n=>t+=n,t=0)%7&&(!F(b)||F(b)>7)))b=P(R(9999999),7);return a+"-"+b}

[Try it online!][TIO-kattqmui]

OEM Key, [JavaScript (Node.js)], 262 bytes

Hans5958 /
Created May 7, 2020
PreMiD Presence Metadata Test Suite reference page

Reference (v0.1.0)

Required Values

  • Author present
    Checks if author present.
  • Author valid
    Checks if author' values are valid.
    • Author name present
      Checks if name present on the author object.
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  1. Add a settings menu.

There is a settings menu

Oh, whoops. I probably I said that because that menu is too simple for a settings menu.

  1. Add an option to disable the graphics on the menu. A simple color background is prefered.
Hans5958 / Vaporeon
Last active Mar 19, 2021
Response to the Vaporeon copypasta
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Earliest known instance:

Well well well. It appears insert user who used the copypasta is a fellow vappy fucc connoisseur. However screw the female version. You get those same ol two holes in literally everything else. the MALE vappy is the real star of the show. Those long slippery diccs they have full mobility control with like a tentacle are the perfect ass filler for the ultimate in deep reaching experience nothing else could possibly provide. Naturally lubed at all times due to their aquatic hydrodynamic nature, you can pull off anywhere to the side of the road, or go into a public restroom at the beach, get each other aroused, and have the fucc of a lifetime. The extraordinary squishyness of the vappy alone rubbing against you would be enough to lose yourself in pleasure as it simply mounts you. Let alone with that perfect tool of pleasure slips into you. Its ability to snake around your bends and its perfect le

Hans5958 / A DeviantArt Literature
Last active Sep 2, 2020
This is a literature from the website DeviantArt (and also one other website). Try to find the original source, it is pretty easy.
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This is a literature from the website DeviantArt (and also one other website). I did this because, it is quite long, quite weird, and he did it as a story for his art. Also, I just want to share it. All of the details have been stripped, hopefully.

Try to find the original source. This literature is SFW, I swear!

Part 1

"Ah, what a wonderful day!"

The female character happily murmered to herself as she strolled through the woods. Ah, just ambling through without a care in the world... what more could a [species] want?