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Troubles that I find on building PyIlmBase for PyAlembic on Windows. I have not succeeded and I am not continuing as someone else has successfully build so. For the CMAKE of PyIlmBase, I use the one which was in pull request of the repo.
  • Python must be 64 bit Python to build Boost 64 bit (I didn't realize the Python I had was 32 bit)
  • Need Boost DLL instead of static library
  • Since I did not configure my CMAKE, I feed the find packages library manually from command line
  • In PyIex, I keep getting dllimport error since it is supposedly dllexport. Define the condition as preprocessor directives in PyIex
  • need to build IexMath; it was not in the VC of IlmBase, I build my own
  • Boost 1.53 and 1.52 did not work on compiling PyImath module (PyIex compiles and links just fine)
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