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function Translate-Canonical {
Converts a user@fqdn to NT4 format.
$Domain = $User.split("@")[0]
# Accessor functions to simplify calls to NameTranslate
function Invoke-Method([__ComObject] $object, [String] $method, $parameters) {
$output = $object.GetType().InvokeMember($method, "InvokeMethod", $NULL, $object, $parameters)
if ( $output ) { $output }
function Set-Property([__ComObject] $object, [String] $property, $parameters) {
[Void] $object.GetType().InvokeMember($property, "SetProperty", $NULL, $object, $parameters)
$Translate = new-object -comobject NameTranslate
try {
Invoke-Method $Translate "Init" (1, $Domain)
catch [System.Management.Automation.MethodInvocationException] { }
Set-Property $Translate "ChaseReferral" (0x60)
try {
Invoke-Method $Translate "Set" (5, $User)
(Invoke-Method $Translate "Get" (3))
catch [System.Management.Automation.MethodInvocationException] { $_ }
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