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Building For Accessibility

Building for Accessibility

Series Eight aims for websites we develop to meet the accessibility standard WCAG 2.1 at a minimum of AA level. Most sites won't be certified to WCAG standards unless required to, but we should aim for at least AA where possible.

This document covers a few things to watch out for and common issues you will need to deal with whilst developing a website. It is accompanied by the Testing for Accessibility document (in-progress) which explains how we can test the accessibility of our sites using automated tools and manual processes.

To see a table of contents of this document, see this guide.


We will be hosting a workshop on accessibility building and testing for developers, in addition to one for designers. When complete the recording will also be available here.

#pragma once
#include "config_common.h"
#define VENDOR_ID 0xFEED
#define PRODUCT_ID 0x3003
#define DEVICE_VER 0x0001
#define PRODUCT StripLamp
#define DESCRIPTION Lamp
Harry-Harrison / ContentView.swift
Last active July 11, 2023 10:42
Haptic Feedback Vibrations in SwiftUI
// This prints a list of buttons that on tap will fire a different type of haptic vibration
import SwiftUI
struct ContentView: View {
let generator = UINotificationFeedbackGenerator()
var body: some View {
VStack(alignment: .center, spacing: 30.0) {
Button(action: {
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Created September 25, 2019 10:48
How to fix the grey screen on Unity3d iOS apps

How to fix the grey screen on Unity3d iOS apps

This method lets you continue to build out the app each time without having to mess around. Everything else I tried resulted in the app not being buildable by Unity as assets were missing or doing nothing.

  1. Set the launch screen options in Unity to None
  2. Build the app
  3. In the Xcode project select the Info tab at the top and remove any references to “launch screen”. There’s probably ipad/iphone/ipod lines.
  4. In Xcode add a custom storyboard to the project
  5. Assign it to the Xcode project under when you set the app icon
  6. Build and enjoy
Harry-Harrison / countries.json
Last active December 3, 2020 15:27
Freeform Craft select field for countries of Earth.
[{"label":"Afghanistan", "value":"Afghanistan"},{"label":"Aland Islands", "value":"Aland Islands"},{"label":"Albania", "value":"Albania"},{"label":"Algeria", "value":"Algeria"},{"label":"American Samoa", "value":"American Samoa"},{"label":"Andorra", "value":"Andorra"},{"label":"Angola", "value":"Angola"},{"label":"Anguilla", "value":"Anguilla"},{"label":"Antarctica", "value":"Antarctica"},{"label":"Antigua and Barbuda", "value":"Antigua and Barbuda"},{"label":"Argentina", "value":"Argentina"},{"label":"Armenia", "value":"Armenia"},{"label":"Aruba", "value":"Aruba"},{"label":"Australia", "value":"Australia"},{"label":"Austria", "value":"Austria"},{"label":"Azerbaijan", "value":"Azerbaijan"},{"label":"Bahamas", "value":"Bahamas"},{"label":"Bahrain", "value":"Bahrain"},{"label":"Bangladesh", "value":"Bangladesh"},{"label":"Barbados", "value":"Barbados"},{"label":"Belarus", "value":"Belarus"},{"label":"Belgium", "value":"Belgium"},{"label":"Belize", "value":"Belize"},{"label":"Benin", "value":"Benin"},{"label":"B