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Last active May 6, 2019 05:08
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#We will take sample size=30, 50 & 500 samples=9000
#Calculate the arithmetice mean and plot the mean of sample 9000 times
s30 <- c()
s50 <- c()
s500 <- c()
n =9000
for ( i in 1:n){
s30[i] = mean(sample(data$Wall.Thickness,30, replace = TRUE))
s50[i] = mean(sample(data$Wall.Thickness,50, replace = TRUE))
s500[i] = mean(sample(data$Wall.Thickness,500, replace = TRUE))
hist(s30, col ="lightblue",main="Sample size=30",xlab ="wall thickness")
abline(v = mean(s30), col = "red")
hist(s50, col ="lightgreen", main="Sample size=50",xlab ="wall thickness")
abline(v = mean(s50), col = "red")
hist(s500, col ="orange",main="Sample size=500",xlab ="wall thickness")
abline(v = mean(s500), col = "red")
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