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angularjs directive for bootstrap datepicker : eternicode/bootstrap-datepicker,
angular.module('bDatepicker', []).
directive('bDatepicker', function(){
return {
require: '?ngModel',
restrict: 'A',
link: function($scope, element, attrs, controller) {
var updateModel;
updateModel = function(ev) {
return $scope.$apply(function() {
return controller.$setViewValue(;
if (controller != null) {
controller.$render = function() {
element.datepicker().data() = controller.$viewValue;
return controller.$viewValue;
return attrs.$observe('bDatepicker', function(value) {
var options;
options = {};
if (angular.isObject(value)) {
options = value;
if (typeof(value) === "string" && value.length > 0) {
options = angular.fromJson(value);
return element.datepicker(options).on('changeDate', updateModel);
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HasAndries commented Jul 18, 2012

Use like:

<input b-datepicker="{{dateOptions}}" ng-model="dateObject" >

$scope.dateOptions = {format: 'dd/mm/yyyy'}

This works with angular v1.0.0 and bootstrap v2.0.4
The Datepicker is here: or
Thanks to Novi:

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ejain commented Sep 25, 2012

This works great, but I noticed that when I manually enter an invalid date and lose focus, the date is not corrected, and next time I focus the input, the browser can hang!

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danbarua commented Apr 10, 2013

@ejain <-- handles user entering invalid dates manually

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ronbuchanan commented May 28, 2013

This has been working quite well, except for a few things.

  1. When clicking on the input and then off, a date will still be put in the field rather than leaving it blank.
  2. How to set it to an initial date value? I tried "{ date: '1/1/2013' }" but it would not show it on the view.

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bluee commented Sep 9, 2014

+1 Would be really nice if options were working as set here: b-datepicker="{{dateOptions}}"

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anilsingh581 commented Apr 1, 2015

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danielbonnell commented Oct 26, 2015

@bluee did you ever have any luck getting options to work?

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Yeswanth-JG commented Apr 22, 2016

Check My Fork GIST

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MrSpider commented May 19, 2016

Check my simplified fork using momentjs and ES6 modules

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