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Club [weapon] ▶ 10 coins.

Slingshot [weapon] ▶ 20 coins.

Brass Knuckles [weapon] ▶ 36 coins.

Dentist Drill [weapon] ▶ 60 coins.

Deadly Stare [weapon] ▶ 90 coins.

Harpoon [weapon] ▶ 170 coins.

Morning Star [weapon] ▶ 250 coins.

Baseball Bat [weapon] ▶ 300 coins.

Mirror [weapon] ▶ 300 coins.

Catching Net [weapon] ▶ 400 coins.

Bear Traps [weapon] ▶ 450 coins.

Hunting Spear [weapon] ▶ 510 coins.

Hunting Dog [weapon] ▶ 550 coins.

Dynamite [weapon] ▶ 700 coins.

Broadsword [weapon] ▶ 800 coins.

Chainsaw [weapon] ▶ 1000 coins.

Rifle [weapon] ▶ 1300 coins.


Lensless Spyglass [spyglass] ▶ 10 coins.

Monocle [spyglass] ▶ 10 coins.

Broken Spyglass [spyglass] ▶ 30 coins.

Worn Spyglass [spyglass] ▶ 90 coins.

Spy satellite [spyglass] ▶ 70 coins.

Cheap Spyglass [spyglass] ▶ 170 coins.

Pirate Spyglass [spyglass] ▶ 180 coins.

Nearsighted Eskimo [spyglass] ▶ 200 coins.

Amber Spyglass [spyglass] ▶ 280 coins.

Unreliable Spyglass [spyglass] ▶ 360 coins.

Bronze Spyglass [spyglass] ▶ 420 coins.

Polished Spyglass [spyglass] ▶ 580 coins.

Hand Cranked Telescope [spyglass] ▶ 780 coins.

Radar [spyglass] ▶ 700 coins.

Silver Spyglass [spyglass] ▶ 780 coins.

Precise Spyglass [spyglass] ▶ 1000 coins.


Bucket [item] ▶ 6 coins.

Nail [item] ▶ 2 coins


Current recipes:

A Piece of Driftwood and a Nail makes a Bucket

A Fish and a Piece of Meat makes an Owl Bait

A Common Moth, a Grey Moth, a Wingspan Moth, a Snow Moth and a Lamplight Moth makes a Moth Collection

20 Seal Skins, 2 Glass Shards and 15 Nails makes a Cheap Spyglass

A Cheap Spyglass, 2 Buckets of Blubber and a Fox Pelt makes a Polished Spyglass

A Piece of Driftwood and a Wolverine Claw makes a Pen

A Pen and a Hare Pelt makes a Map

5 Pieces of Driftwood, 15 Glass Shards and 15 Nails makes a Mirror

A Lemming, 6 Lemming Pelts and an Iron Ingot makes a Sacrifical Amulet

6 Pearls, 2 Glimmering Pearls and a Luxurious Pearl makes a Pearl Necklace

5 Seal Skins, 2 Walrus Hides and a Bucket of Blubber makes a Top Hat

10 Feathers, 5 Fine Feathers and a Beak makes a Bird Mask

A Walrus Tusk, a Muskox Horn, a Narwhal Tusk, an Antler and a Muskox Coat makes a Horned Mask

A Bird Mask, a Horned Mask and 5 Globs of Ectoplasm makes a Shamanic Mask

A Bucket of Blood and a Bear Heart makes an External Heart

A Bucket of Blood, a Bucket of Fat and a Bone Meal makes a Fatblood Cake

A Baby Seal, a Bone Meal, a Pearl and a Bucket of Fat makes a Charm Lotion

A Wolverine Nose and a Bucket makes a Nasal Decongestant

4 Fox Feet, a Fox Tail and a Bucket makes a Swiftness Potion

2 Owl Eyes, a Bone Meal, 3 Pieces of Meat and a Bucket of Fat makes a Brew of Farseeing

5 Globs of Ectoplasm and a Bucket of Blood makes an Aqua Reviva

15 Fish, a Bear Heart and a Bucket makes an Ale of Butchering


Newcomer - To claim this, have a registered account.

Mr - Claim this title for the cost of 10 coins.

Sir - Have a Monocle, a Top Hat and a Cane equipped at the same time. - For a Sir, wearing a top hat will increase profit from sales by 25%

Doctor - Possess 5 Buckets of Blood.

the Moth Collector - Possess a Moth Collection.

the Butcher - Slay 15 baby seals. - Left to kill: 12

the Baker - Craft 10 fatblood cakes. - Cakes baked: 0

the Bearslayer - Slay a Polar Bear

Detective - Solve a mystery.

Mayor - To claim this title, pay a Moth Collection and 4 Glimmering Pearls.


[This] is required info, is optional.

!commands - Show a list of avaible commands.

!register - Register your username. Allows you to use all other commands and save your progress.

!add altname [nickname] - Add an alternative nickname to your account.

!scout - Look for nearby animals. Can only be done with a spyglass equiped.

!hunt - Hunt for a specific animal. If no animal is specified, you will hunt for baby seals.

!inventory - Get the equipment, inventory and wealth of a player. If no player is specified, you will get information about yourself.

!info [item] - Get information about an item or animal.

!value [item] - Get the value of an item

!equip [item] - Equip an item in your inventory.

!unequip [item] - Unequip an item in your current equipment.

!store - Display the items for sale in the store.

!buy [item] - Buy an item from the store.

!sell [item] - Sell an item in your inventory. Set quantity to "all" to sell all items you have of that kind.

!trade [your item] ... for [his item] ... with [player to trade with] - Offer to trade one or severeal items in return for items from another player. Example: !trade 3 animal_teeth, a seal_skin and 40 coins for a cane and 10 nails with PlayerName

!accept trade - Accept the latest trade offer

!cancel trades - Cancel all trades you have proposed

!workshop - Display all recipes and craftable items

!craft [item] - Craft an item using the required components from your inventory

!titles - Show all avaible titles

!claim [title] - Claim a title. If you already have claimed that title, you will instead set it as your preferred title.

!use [item] - Use an item.

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