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import torch
import torch.nn as nn
import torch.nn.functional as F
import as network
from src.models import CMTL
class CrowdCounter(nn.Module):
def __init__(self, ce_weights=None):
super(CrowdCounter, self).__init__()
self.CCN = CMTL()
if ce_weights is not None:
ce_weights = torch.Tensor(ce_weights)
ce_weights = ce_weights.cuda()
self.loss_mse_fn = nn.MSELoss()
self.loss_bce_fn = nn.BCELoss(weight=ce_weights)
def loss(self):
return self.loss_mse + 0.0001*self.cross_entropy
def forward(self, im_data, gt_data=None, gt_cls_label=None, ce_weights=None):
im_data = network.np_to_variable(im_data, is_cuda=True,
density_map, density_cls_score = self.CCN(im_data)
density_cls_prob = F.softmax(density_cls_score)
gt_data = network.np_to_variable(gt_data, is_cuda=True,
gt_cls_label = network.np_to_variable(gt_cls_label, is_cuda=True,,dtype=torch.FloatTensor)
self.loss_mse, self.cross_entropy = self.build_loss(density_map, density_cls_prob, gt_data, gt_cls_label, ce_weights)
return density_map
def build_loss(self, density_map, density_cls_score, gt_data, gt_cls_label, ce_weights):
loss_mse = self.loss_mse_fn(density_map, gt_data)
ce_weights = torch.Tensor(ce_weights)
ce_weights = ce_weights.cuda()
cross_entropy = self.loss_bce_fn(density_cls_score, gt_cls_label)
return loss_mse, cross_entropy
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