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Created Jan 22, 2018
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ES Class constructor spread operator arguments
//Let's create some arguments as functions
let message = () => "hello"
let content = () => "world"
let text = () => "lorem"
//Let's change the function internal name value...
Object.defineProperty(text, "name", {writable:true}); = "book"
//Now we create a class
//Arguments needs to be a function with a name and a return value.
class SmartClass {
//Use spread to catch every arguments...
constructor(...stuff) {
console.log(stuff) // 0 indexed array with our functions as value
console.log(arguments) // Object
this.what = Object.entries(arguments).map(([key, arg], i) => this[] = arg())
logArgs (){
console.log(this.message) // "Hello"
console.log(this.content) // "World"
console.log(this.text) // undefined
console.log( // "lorem"
console.log(this.what) // ["hello", "world", "lorem"]
let smart = new SmartClass(message, content, text)

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@aguevara aguevara commented Jun 12, 2020

what is this.what on line 17? I'm trying to use spread to "inherit" one object from another, no problem with JSON, but trying to do similar in class constructor. Would something like constructor(p){ this.what = ...p } work? My intent is clear if I use: const p = { ...q } so that p now inherits all of q's members.


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@Hebilicious Hebilicious commented Jun 22, 2020

I'm not sure what you're trying to achieve here. What do you mean by inherit one object from another ?
Line 17 is a little bit complicated (refer to, but this.what is an array that contains ["hello", "world", "lorem"], which are the values of the 3 functions passed into the constructor.
The line also declares class properties with the names of the 3 functions and their values as values.
Now that I look back at this, the readability could be improved.


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@aguevara aguevara commented Jun 22, 2020

Thanks. I was looking for a way to use spread to copy the properties from an object passed in to a constructor to this. Seems it is not possible to do that. Your line 17 made me think maybe this.what was some kind of magic javascript property that would allow me to assign to it using spread and have all the properties from the object magically get added to the prototype of this. Your line 17 would be less complicated if that were possible, you could then just write this.what = ...stuff. I was hoping for something like this = {...this, ...stuff} but doesn't work because you cannot assign to this.

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