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Last active Dec 18, 2021
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OBS Hue Shift over Time
# How to use this script in OBS:
# You need Python 3.6 installed
# 1. Open OBS > Tools > Scripts
# 2. Copypaste the Python 3.6 install directory into Python Settings tab.
# 3. Download this file onto your computer and put it somewhere safe
# 4. Add the script to the list of Loaded Scripts by clicking the + at the bottom left
# 5. Select the script from the list and select the correct output source you want to apply the effect to.
# If you can't find the correct source, scroll to the bottom of the file to see if your source is filtered out
# The source you selected must have a Color Correction filter, that has been renamed to "Hue Shift".
# The script won't work otherwise. I couldn't figure out how to list all the filters in a dropdown because
# OBS' documentation on C types in Python are poor.
# 6. Set your desired effect velocity (360 = 1 rainbow per second)
# 7. Click Start / Stop
# The script comes as-is and hasn't been tested for long periods of time for memory leaks etc
# The code is released under the MIT license.
import obspython as obs
active = False
hue_velocity = 0.0 # Degrees per second
# Angle of the hue shift (-180 to 180, but OBS seems to handle values outside of this range properly)
hue_shift_value = 0.0
source_name = ""
update_interval = 30 # Milliseconds
def update_hue(reset=False):
global source_name
global hue_shift_value
# If the update is called with reset intention, set the hue to normal (0)
if reset:
hue_shift_value = 0
source = obs.obs_get_source_by_name(source_name)
if source is not None:
hue_filter = obs.obs_source_get_filter_by_name(source, "Hue Shift")
if hue_filter is not None:
# Get the settings data object for the filter
filter_settings = obs.obs_source_get_settings(hue_filter)
# Update the hue_shift property and update the filter with the new settings
obs.obs_source_update(hue_filter, filter_settings)
# Release the resources
def timer_callback():
global hue_shift_value
global hue_velocity
global update_interval
# Update the hue_shift value. Velocity is degrees / second, update_interval is in milliseconds
hue_shift_value += hue_velocity * update_interval / 1000
hue_shift_value = hue_shift_value % 360
def activate():
global active
global update_interval
if active:
obs.timer_add(timer_callback, update_interval)
def start_button_clicked(props, p):
global active
active = not active
if not active:
def activate_signal(cd):
global source_name
source = obs.calldata_source(cd, "source")
if source is not None:
name = obs.obs_source_get_name(source)
if name == source_name:
def source_activated(cd):
def source_deactivated(cd):
def script_load(settings):
sh = obs.obs_get_signal_handler()
obs.signal_handler_connect(sh, "source_activate", source_activated)
obs.signal_handler_connect(sh, "source_deactivate", source_deactivated)
def script_description():
return '''Changes the Hue Shift property of a color correction filter over time
The selected source must have a Color Correction filter renamed as "Hue Shift" for the effect to work.
Script with love by Hegemege'''
def script_update(settings):
global hue_velocity
global source_name
global hue_shift_value
hue_velocity = obs.obs_data_get_double(settings, "hue_shift_velocity")
source_name = obs.obs_data_get_string(settings, "source")
hue_shift_value = 0
def script_defaults(settings):
obs.obs_data_set_default_double(settings, "hue_shift_velocity", 360.0)
def script_properties():
props = obs.obs_properties_create()
props, "hue_shift_velocity", "Hue Shift Velocity", -10000, 10000, 0.1)
source_prop = obs.obs_properties_add_list(
sources = obs.obs_enum_sources()
if sources is not None:
for source in sources:
source_id = obs.obs_source_get_id(source)
# Only list sources with 'capture' in the name.
# To list all sources, remove the if and de-indent the two lines below it or replace the row with 'if True:' if you are not a rpogrammer)
if 'capture' in source_id:
name = obs.obs_source_get_name(source)
obs.obs_property_list_add_string(source_prop, name, name)
props, "reset_button", "Start / Stop", start_button_clicked)
return props
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dijikul commented Nov 28, 2021

No sources listed after changing line 159 to if True: as instructed. Possible API changes?
OBS 27.1.3 with Python 3.8.10

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Hegemege commented Nov 28, 2021

@j-e-n-k-s-y I believe Python 3.8.10 might not work, the OBS docs specifically say only 3.6 is supported on Windows

I also have 3.8 at the moment and it doesn't work, so I assume you'd need 3.6

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Hegemege commented Nov 28, 2021

Latest 3.6.x release I found on that has Windows 64bit installer is 3.6.8

Seems to work fine

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OmgImAlexis commented Dec 18, 2021

Added a few changes. This should help new users. Also under MIT.

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