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Last active April 24, 2017 04:11
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Example of a typical PostCSS config file (cli flavor). I use this for WordPress theme development.
"use": [
"input": "./css-src/main-src.css",
"output": "./schnell/css/main.css",
"watch": true,
"map": "file",
"perfectionist": {
"cascade": false,
"sourcemap": true
"cssnano": {
"discardComments": false,
"autoprefixer": false,
"core": false
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This file is a PostCSS "task". You can define so many tasks you need and stack them together like you want in your package.json

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HeikoMamerow commented Dec 28, 2016

  • Line 2: Call all the PostCSS plugins you need for this task in array.
  • Line 12: Path of the input file. This is the file, where you write your css code,
  • Line 13: Path of the output file. This file you use in your theme.
  • Line 14: Option to watch over file changes. If you change (save) the input file, then the task will run.
  • Line 16 ff.: Some options for the perfectionist plugin.
  • Line 29 ff.: Some options for the cssnano plugin

There are some more options for the task. Read the manual:

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