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Monitoring Glossary

Glossary of Monitoring

  • A system is a set of connected components

The definition of connected and components is missing. I think we can go with definitions like:

  • A components is a set of processes (in the OS sense)
  • Two components are connected if they can talk to each other (over a network or IPC).

Example: A LAMP system, consists of components:

  • component: Apache web-server
  • component: MySQL db
  • connected over TCP/localhost
  • The manner in which a system behaves is it's behavior.

This is an empty definition.

  • One or more sensors observe the state of a component

Better: Sensors are processes?/functions?/classes? that collect data about a component.


  • collectd plugins ?!
  • /healz endpoint ?!
  • The outputs of a system are the concrete results of its behaviors.
  • A system is observabe if you can determine the behavior of the system based on it's outputs.
  • An agent inteprets data emitted by a sensor
  • Monitoring is the action of observing and checking the behavior and output of a system and its components over time.


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