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TestBash 2016 Lean Coffee Topics/Ideas
Here are the topics and ideas discussed at the Lean Coffee at TestBash 2016 in Brighton.
1. What is your best/worst part of testing?
2. Advice for new testers
3. 2 people you follow on Twitter & why?
4. What are you working on at the moment?
5. How to recruit testers?
6. Have you seen a 99 second talk?
7. Where does testing reside?
8. Environment for increasing collaboration
9. Motivating the team
10. Security testing
11. Who will give the best talk?
12. Build sense of team
13. Favorite hot drinks
14. Biggest mistake in testing
15. Where is the social tonight?
16. Favorite thing about testing?
17. Brighton
18. What will we get out of today?
19. Making time for automated testing?
20. What to do about “us & them” mentality?
21. Why the prevalence for specialization in automation?
22. The changing role of testing in a DevOps squeeze?
23. What do you wish you could implement but “can’t”
24. What do you do when you get stuck?
25. Do you use personas? Why/why not?
26. How do you capture domain knowledge for testing?
27. How to convince scripted testing is not the only way
28. What is the best technique resource to learn coding?
29. Fun retrospectives @ work (without post-its). Any suggestions?
30. Blurring the lines between test and dev
31. Are we developers? (testers)
32. Programming/automation as a tester
33. Different ways about mentoring new testers in exploratory testing
34. Load testing
35. Noticing patterns while testing
36. Paired testing with fresh pair of eyes (testers, dev, stakeholders)
37. How to interview for testing position
38. T-shaped skills
39. Testing skills
40. Test maturity
41. Security testing
42. Yesterday’s gems
43. Automated test
44. Advertise testing?
45. Virtualization vs mocking
46. Testing in production
47. It’s all about coding skillz
48. London testing gathering
49. Full-fat chewy cone
50. Last new/exciting thing learned?
51. Test management
52. Death of the test manager
53. What media are you consuming?
54. Exciting tools
55. BDD
56. Acceptance tests cause more harm than good
57. Disagreeing with developers – what is the best way?
58. Automation takes over manual testing
59. Encouraging and supporting new testers
60. Do you need an agile coach?
61. Some truths about testing have to be learned the hard way
62. Exploratory testing – how important is this
63. Teaching testing to non-testers
64. Overcoming resistance to tools
65. Reliant on 3rd party tools
66. Time boxing leads to bad habits & stress
67. Automated process i.e. regression
68. Where did you travel in from
69. One funny anecdote/little story @ work
70. Favorite bug
71. Diversity in the company (gender, origins, etc)
72. What do you do with team to help social interaction
73. What is the methodology you’re using (classical V, agile…?) and do you like it? Why?
74. What are your hobbies outside work?
75. What is your dev/test ratio & how do you find it?
76. Worst experience in test/professional experience
77. What company are you working for & how you got there
78. Moving from testing to a different role in software
79. How can devs support testing
80. What are you hoping to get out of today?
81. Third-party dependencies in automation
82. Is GUI automated testing a big burden of maintenance
83. What makes a good tester?
84. Why do you want to be a tester?
85. When do you stop testing?
86. Pairing with developers?
87. Test data – having static data to setup/teardown
88. Is there a thing as too much testing?
89. How to handle poorly refine user stories when testing
90. Instilling quality in delivery team
91. Changing processes/procedures in established teams
92. Test plans – how much planning?
93. Testers – extensions of Product Owner?
94. Balancing regression against “Buy Foo (? Can’t decipher this word) testing”
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Also some word clouds based on the Lean Coffee topics.
wordcloud 5
wordcloud 6
wordcloud 7
wordcloud 1

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